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@guy_freire My police sargent grandfather immediately retired when his best buddy on the force "committed suicide"…
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RT @BateeDil: Don't be so insensitive towards us!! Students are committing suicide due to such exam pressure!! We are unable to h…
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RT @Rajshre73441992: @SatyaSSRian1 @PMOIndia @DoPTGoI Why Parambir Singh is never interrogated? He was the one who said its suicide and…
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Essay about suicide, if you have a suicidal friend tapos anong gagawin mo eh pucha pati ako suicidal wahahahhshs
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RT @LiveLawIndia: Perception Of Words Differs From Person To Person, Can't Quash Abetment Of Suicide Charge Without Trial: Karnataka…
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RT @BeluLombardi__: Hombres están diciendome que me suicide y amenazándome con violarme. Lo hice público y ninguna feminista me defendi…
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RT @Adithir04: Guess the govt. is waiting for suicide cases to increase more than Corona cases!! How many dead bodies u want?!!4 s…
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RT @DIMENSION_YT: @pavakamz Beaucoup plus d'hommes sont victimes de suicide et de conflits armés, c'est bon ? Il a l'autorisation de…
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RT @lauraaa_diva: Could two Twitter friends please copy and re-post this tweet to show that someone is always there? Call 0800 689 56…
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RT @bastoSsup7ven: une demi heure après ils sont capables de faire un suicide collectif pr se réincarner en collier de perle mdr
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Our leaders are dragging us on a suicide course.
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I received a $20.00 donation supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!
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@TTHOOM @MauIdaIorian @theeSNYDERVERSE Bring racist and raising money for suicide prevention are equally terrible right?
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No matter how bad my life gets. I'd never commit suicide or incite violence towards others.
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RT @PiyaliBh: Bollywood,underworld have a deep rooted nexus.. They kill innocents who don’t follow their rules and call them Sui…
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RT @himanshujmohan: @imvivekgupta Burqa as a choice has lot of known benefits 1) Rob a shop or bank without getting detected 2) Cheat i…
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@DailyRippleMag @AlanCaryLiddell @FoxNews All long guns deaths in this country account fot 1.5% of all gun deaths.…
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i feel like drawing (and coloring) kaeya and posting it would be suicide.
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RT @aleinora: taekook onetweet lokal; the lowest point of human being when they already theatens. tw // mention of cheating ,…
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