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RT @kendall_prough: About to lug all my clothes to Plato’s closet, so a 17 year old girl named Amanda wearing an anchor tank top and Ae…
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yikes. was at datablitz and met what looked like some middle aged couple ranting to the cashier about how they don'…
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RT @mattyglesias: Huh. This chanting that a foreign-born, naturalized citizen, member of congress who hasn’t broken any laws should b…
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@Timcast Wait. I thought you said Alex Jones doesn’t make stuff up.
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@sonia_bankz 😂 😂 Fingering the head stuff scares me
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Me and my brother were walking and didn't feel it even though it was a 5.1. We did hear stuff fall and car alarms g…
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@loveformeat Thanks, I'm yabau and I'm drawing stuff
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RT @imamyruth: not sure why the FBI is mostly guys because a girls ability to find stuff out is unmatched
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Hey folks,check out this gem! I know ya’ll usually have lobbyists breaking this stuff down for you,but an advocate…
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@polnyypesets Wales is particularly prone to this stuff - there are valleys in the North that are flooded with it.…
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Did you know that African American enrollment at the University of South Carolina peaked at the same time as Hootie…
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thinking about all the human encrustment that covers keyboards, mice, phones etc. that stuff is cool. everything th…
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Dont they have prison for this kind of stuff?
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RT @aestheticstweet: The greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the…
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@poetryismyweapn @JoeBiden Progressive won’t be happy until taxes are 90% and free stuff for everyone.
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@omychael Just enjoy the music stop this like and retweet stuff
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Tonight at 6! For about an hour I'll be interviewing our collective Wisconsin Smash Dad: Tucker! (@EHG_Tucker) S…
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@ShannonAHiner @shauna_philp LOL... sorry for being all overeager and stuff.
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RT @itsbonedaddy: (That’s a lot of words to say all the stuff they added or changed in this remake was either pointless or actively s…
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@gutenmorgan I was dragged to see it on Broadway once because "the cats like walk through the audience and stuff".…
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