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RT @truly_zhae: Stop letting ppl on this app tell y’all how to feel about about stuff. There’s more than one way to live life. What…
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Government reviews 'disastrous' Kauri Dieback Programme @jackcraw57 @NZStuff
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@USATODAY Of all the stuff that's going on in this country and you guys choose to report this??? Very cool stuff indeed!
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@umcaf4jeste Hot hot stuff!!
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RT @Totalbiscuit: Free stuff is nice especially when its a good game. If you happen to be using Twitch Prime, nab it while ya can.
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@peniscars Ah stuff like that’s easy to make with the right craft supply though so it coulda been relatively cheap
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@mick_the_raven @ChappieGK @Karchi13 Good stuff. I think next week is going to be historic. Sit back and strap it down. It’s on!
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RT @vodkawithjacob: do you ever just talk to non fans about fan stuff and feel like wow this must be how albert einstein used to feel t…
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RT @Drebae_: This be the WORST. Y’all always putting foul stuff on the TL when I’m scrolling in public and I swear my phone scre…
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@YuBPlays I'm surprised Youtube didn't include this stuff in their recent survey. But, it seems like they're ackno…
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Guess it sucks to suck stop liking stuff if you regret dumping my ass because I got a girl who treats me 10x as better as you did.
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Do not squander time – this is stuff life is made of.
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RT @michaelferna1: RT gal_deplorable: You should definitely read the stuff he left out 👇 #FollowTheWhiteRabbit…
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RT @gabi_montgomery: Scott Disick having a breakdown in Dubai about hearing Kourtney was with another man after all the stuff he’s done…
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RT @EXOGlobal: Fandom culture has changed and some of our team has been with EXO since the beginning. 😊 Back then it was normal to…
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Do not squander time – this is stuff life is made of.
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RT @praises: im a good gf, just a lil crazy, a cry baby, smart mouth & stuff. but a good gf lmao
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It’s the stuff that attracts you that turns on you later
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@Lucato707 Oh that beginning game stuff geez git gud
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Sometimes drawing cute cuddley stuff makes me feel better.
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