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RT @JackGrealish: The @ChampionsLeague! The Treble! 😢 The stuff I couldn’t even dream of! Wow 🏆🏆🏆💙🫶🏼
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@Eightbal_ We don't even have knowledge of any other stronger evil force. All we have is that black evil stuff and…
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RT @JackGrealish: The @ChampionsLeague! The Treble! 😢 The stuff I couldn’t even dream of! Wow 🏆🏆🏆💙🫶🏼
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RT @DNI_AARO: @UAP_CR @jasgrave333 @elonmusk We were just up around Arenal to grab some samples abouta month ago...and some Ambar…
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@aatrox_irl The developer of a certain map in Halo 3 spent many months looking to weird ass infections, cancer and…
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@nbcchicago See this is the close to home stuff that's really dangerous.
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Not even on some pick-me stuff, I can’t wait to have a man again so I can spoil him.
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RT @bwillettcomics: So you're a comic fan who is suddenly learning the amazing artists and writers who make the stuff you love basicall…
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@dcexaminer @JoeBiden @cwtremo That would be interesting to watch. Probably won't happen. But who knows in today'…
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RT @JackGrealish: The @ChampionsLeague! The Treble! 😢 The stuff I couldn’t even dream of! Wow 🏆🏆🏆💙🫶🏼
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@MegafansNFTs @akidcalledbeast Exciting stuff 🔥 🔥 🔥
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Richard is correct to point out that white voters have trended away from the GOP somewhat since 2016, but that's la…
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RT @nanashimumei_en: I want to make a free chat since you’ll see me in some stuff tonight! But I can’t access my account .. yet Hopefu…
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RT @mssinenomine: Poverty is not just about dollars and stuff is not just stuff. Sometimes stuff is connection. Sometimes stuff is a…
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@LandonStarbuck @QweenAmor @DCPoliceDept Kids should not be exposed to sexually explicit stuff. This is disturbing.
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My ass hopping on duolingo for the first time in ages because I'm getting frustrated with still not understanding s…
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RT @hankgreen: I feel like a lot of people think that the economy is people buying plastic stuff at Walmart when actually most of…
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Stuff like this part of why I still love this place
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RT @theconfusingman: //Got RL stuff today as in the future it's Sunday so I'll be back later or tommorow, thanks for the love on my Ken. Things are bookmarked. 🫶
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RT @Bigbird_fgc: Stop letting Ryu get away with denjin charge after a "meaty" fireball Most of the time, you can punish if you Perf…
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