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I don't know how student athletes be going to practice, getting a decent amount of sleep while having a pile of hw to do
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RT @_ashleydynamite: Our student section is going to be so lit this year 🤙🏼
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RT @KamalaHarris: Don’t let this go unnoticed: this Admin is reversing protections for student loans while padding the pockets of predatory debt collectors.
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My Latest Student To Pass $100,000 In Profits – Tim Sykes | MJ
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RT @PulseGhana: Jessica Bema Asare: Meet the student making fortune from selling African print bikini
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RT @ohs_student_sec: ‼️The OHS Student Section now has Snapchat! Make sure to follow us to stay in the loop this school year‼️…
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RT @LeoTheLionSVHS: Blue Crew wants you!!! Come to the meeting tomorrow after school in Room 408 to learn more about our Student Sectio…
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Late night edition: Deaf COD CDL Student Earns Perfect Score
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RT @NationalHistory: The #USSIndianapolis has been in the news a lot lately- did you know an NHD student helped uncover it's history?
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RT @1nutty_hazel: Kian is under DepEd's voucher program. To avail, a student needs to maintain a good record.
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@Mark2kali @HRajaBJP Instead of making us to live and dominate better to kill us. Cha. I am a Tnsb student . Lost e…
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If you live in Spain, student bus costs $150 and JUTC is $180. Also, traffic will kill you so plan yuh thing #FreshersGuide17
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my prof lets us pick our own student codes for his progress report. i'm using "BABE" i hope it goes well
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RT @Chris_Oven: I am just a/an: ⚪️ Man ⚪️ Woman 🔘 OU student Seeking: ⚪️ Happiness ⚪️ A relationship ⚪️ Money 🔘 A parking spot
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RT @loundraw: 卒業制作についてAdobeさんに特集を組んでいただきました。今月発売のMdNにも掲載されています。アニメを予告編にした理由や作り方を話してきました。 「イラストレーターのloundraw、たった一人で初めてのアニメーションを創る」
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Senate body calls for revival of student unions -
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RT @solornbalbum: a high school student baekhyun was found screaming constantly around the school & sm knew it he would make a great…
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RT @UQscience: Northern Territory 3-year scholarship in earth science, metallurgy, mining engineering or petroleum engineering .…
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RT @UberFacts: Nearly 7 million Americans have gone at least a year without making a payment on their federal student loans.
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RT @dimrivaibhav7: मेरा कालेज मेरी पिछले तीन साल से केंपस के नाम पे रैगिंग ले रहा है@antiragging2 will u help us A plea frm student of NIT UK #CampusForNITUK
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