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RT @Gunjan_R1: You meet all kinds of people. Some seem simple but are the most stubborn and hard to break. Others look tough but t…
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RT @Smallhaven2: @we_preexist I am permanently disabled with job related chronic severe asthma. Scarring has left me with 30% lung f…
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I can’t stand a stubborn male.
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@stephgerbs def a lively household. did you guys argue a lot? all very stubborn signs teehee
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This Davido - Fall song too stubborn oo ehn .. e no wan gree fade 😂
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@SwKae Yeah I’m trying not to be angry and stubborn. I just want to be understanding.
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RT @OliverQJones: “patriotism” in this day and age is tantamount to exclusionary nationalism, you won’t soften my heart by telling me…
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@JKadnom @AngryBlackLady We all understand that someone like you will follow trump even if he tweeted racist nonsen…
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matthias helvar— capricorn. cappricorns are so so stubborn and it’s difficult for them to adapt to new places or t…
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" You did. You know how stubborn you are, so why wouldn't that persist? Watch the calories Pete. "
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RT @deemadigan: Well this is an interesting take. Apparently It's the staff's fault they are paid so low because they refuse to giv…
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RT @IreneNabwire4: I can't wait for 2021 when boys will be separated from men,stubborn trees will be taught to dance by the wind...I w…
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@yoongsugagustd_ she can barely type but she says she s fine and not asleep lmao ehdbdhd her stubborn ass
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Eeee temazo wachin, me dieron ganas de afilar el cuchillo POSTA
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I’m actually the most stubborn person on the planet
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@Sonka452 You never could prove me wrong. I'm stubborn. 😂😁
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@Logical_UwU @AlliedToby would've gone to finals and regardless, ended up being one of the three teams who won gems…
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@Chrislegal1 @willsommer @CarpeDonktum And there we are! Your intelligence knows no bounds sir. Using the Russian b…
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“You know what....fine. Im you from the past. Who knew me from the future was so stubborn?”
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RT @adaalvarezconde: Otras citas de esas del chat tu sabes... one of the quotes that was found in the papers revealed - one of the many…
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