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RT @choclate_crush: tattoos for me are literally healed scars. getting one relieves stress because I know it’s a mark to show what I represent or came out of!
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Happy early birthday @k_dlaine 🎂 🎉🥂Here’s a great kick off to the best day of your life! Tomorrow is the celebratio…
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RT @_therealchynna: Fuck (and I cannot stress this enough) them kids.
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RT @r_clintz1: You know what you want your future wife/husband to look like so why are you letting this kangaroo to stress you?
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Stress hahaha
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RT @luvekth: i always have this feeling that i want to give up on studying bec of stress but every time i think of bts & army, i…
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RT @maisasilva: Eu li stress já ia falar q tava na tendência
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RT @maisasilva: Eu li stress já ia falar q tava na tendência
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RT @peedekaf: i'm (and i can't stress this enough) in deep emotional turmoil
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RT @calnseb: This is (and i cannot stress this enough) so cute
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Pernah gak sih kalian ada di 2 posisi yang bikin stress? Mau ngga ikut meet up sahabat karena gak dibolehin bokap y…
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@AsaramBapuJi पुरुषों को दंडित व प्रताड़ित करने का आसान तरीका बन गया है - बलात्कार का कानून। झूठे दुष्कर्म केस में…
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RT @Ty_Briel: Sometimes You gotta stress niggas out to see if they really fuck w/ you 🤣
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I’m ahead on all my assignments & I’m still stressing. Like WHYYY. Literally there’s nothing to stress about,,,I h8 myself. 🤣
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RT @URENNYG: I just want a bunch of people around me that’s about growth and wanna live a stress free life.
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RT @profiklan: [ APOLLO - 12 Cordy - G Extract Herbal Multi Khasiat ] -Obati kanker -Kurangi stress -Untuk paru paru: asma,brochi…
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RT _DPRREM: P.S - spread some positivity in this thread will ya. so much shit goin on my anxiety and stress is at a…
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RT @drugrift: someone once told me “if you stress too much about something before it happens, you basically put yourself through…
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RT @maisasilva: Eu li stress já ia falar q tava na tendência
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