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RT @DaylightEs365: Strangers can become best friends just as easy as best friends can become strangers.
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RT @sakenotsumami3: @E9XkkD04Dx2WR1Q NHKさんは、日本一音源持っておられますよね! Strangers in the Nightの曲も以前かかってましたし✨
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girl...... i loved strangers from hell..m this was made for me .
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@DanSlott Seriously! When I go to Europe I feel like I'm constantly being interrogated by the dude from 3 kings abo…
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RT @KlLLEDMYSELF_: strangers with memories
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RT @Hen_Sterr: shoulda stayed strangers with alot of mfs 😂👨‍🦯
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RT @serene1219: they said wooshik who established himself as an excellent actor, was reviewing various scripts after finishing obs……
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@Spedopamine You should get out and mingle with people more buddy. I know plenty of them who would still lay down t…
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@ShillingtonLord @OGColeB @boyists but according to these ppl i’m fat so it def wasn’t the vape 🤷 i should rly star…
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RT @Hen_Sterr: shoulda stayed strangers with alot of mfs 😂👨‍🦯
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@NohoHankSkol @Tony_Titans @ABC Also this is coming from you, a stranger on the internet. If I believed everything…
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They are not strangers but are just new people you met today. -Mein hin
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RT @Hen_Sterr: shoulda stayed strangers with alot of mfs 😂👨‍🦯
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RT @K_O_Sundberg: Today, my bf asked why I care so much about truth (not critically but curiously) re: AH. I said, "Because I know wh…
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RT @bigricanman: Evil has no skin color, race, religion, gender, ethnicity, & no politics Evil will use a car, gun, knife, whatever…
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Im not judging at all but jeezzz some of you girls say the most wildest nastiest shit… you know strangers see that 🫠😳 y’all weird..
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RT @slytherbitch6: When Sandy Hook happened my oldest was in kindergarten & I felt a pain I had never felt before for complete strange…
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RT @sadedposts: we are strangers, again
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In the end they were 2 Strangers who knew everything about each other.. Heart broken, but eyes wide open.
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Idk about you guys but the only homeschooled people I’ve met were incredibly socially awkward and didn’t know how to function with strangers
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