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Why can’t I stick with one person? ...Forever
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@MICKYBABY67 @20thCenturyDan You did reasearch on me? Don’t try to sound intelligent, it doesn’t suit you. Stick to…
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macam mana nak buat chronicle DC universe sial kalau nak stick satu batman pon susah
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That's one selfie stick rari for bae, one dope shade for squad
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RT @shininghaechan: Doyoung’s way of dealing with Haechan’s teasing: stick out his tongue 👅
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RT @Ardechefootball: @Wideoverload Word is ASSE is asking around 30 million for him and a loan back to Saint-Etienne for the 2019-2020 s…
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@NerdECrafter Preaching to the choire sister. Thats why i stick to my WoW community friends and my family.
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RT @Sithu_Aye: So yeah, after Game of Thrones season 8, I think I'll stick to anime and only disappoint my parents and not myself
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If you stick around, you will reach a spot that the sadness won’t let you see right now—you’ll reach tomorrow. And…
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RT @Jin_Butterfly: Reminder that MOST mainstream artists in the US have to stick to arena touring cause stadiums are really REALLY har…
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RT @DavidJHarrisJr: They never have any facts... Just out of control emotional rhetoric. Had to stick up for my President…
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Enter For A Chance To Win A Signed & Game Used Max Pacioretty Warrior Covert QRE SL Stick! via
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Pokes @whoberi with a stick.
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Hello everyone, I know in the past I used to beg you all to watch Game of Thrones, well now let me say, I'll never…
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RT @theRCN: "I know together we can truly change nursing for the better. We can make change happen and we can make change stick…
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i told shou to buy laundry detergent and she said "ok" and nue stick her tongue out and say "f*** you shou" i had to discaplin(sp?) her
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@ExpressGilo Anyone who wants to cause injury and death will find a way, down to a stick with a nail in the end. Cr…
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Organization Think out your schedule at least a week in advance and then stick to it. #TheHeritageSchool…
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RT @alfonslopeztena: US-style polarization has arrived in India. Modi is at the heart of the divide — Indian have developed strategies f…
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RT @qwnaqvi: Congress doesn’t need an Amit Shah, but it needs following things: 1. A clear ideological framework n stick firmly…
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