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Fuck summer, my freckles r starting to show more
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@692Tweets Starting to be convinced we are variants of each other tbh.
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RT @ansiblebeam: Tuesday night starting auctions... 🥳🥂 Had to place a bid on this lovely piece on @foundation by @MaryanneChisho2!…
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idk how i always end up starting 3 diff shows whenever exams start
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@Tr1plesAlley Dominant starting rotation yes. Dominant roster no. You’re talking about a 2010 team that was labeled…
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RT @RiverhoundsSC: Here is tonight’s @arminastone Starting XI for our @opencup QUARTERFINAL match vs. @fccincinnati 👊 #USOC2023…
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RT @junko_in_sappro: ADEが本格的に始まった? 今のイギリスでは 「新型コロナで陽性となった人の25人に 1人が28日以内に死亡している」 という驚愕の現実 これからの日本は ワクチンを接種した人の…
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RT @LilitMakunts: Peace talks in Washington DC are starting next week.
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LaPorta, a second-round pick, could be playing his way into consideration for a starting job this season.
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Starting to go to an actual Jim instead of working out at home feels good
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RT @Jacktopreciouss: Some advice for starting entrepreneurs: It's going to hurt, but not doing anything hurts even more
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@joelmceniry @Isaacpure86 @nonewthing You’re so right. Arsenal’s transfer ban and oldest average starting 11 in the…
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RT @Khasrash__: Hi, my name is hafsah, founder of cakes_by_khas. I’m just starting my catering business, I specialize in creating d…
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@Yamiche @kwelkernbc @MeetThePress @chucktodd you are the enemy of the people, you fat land whale. hold your breath, starting now. go.
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RT @CadenceComicArt: We're excited to announce the addition of @lianakangas! And we're starting things off in a big way by offering a…
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@jagblundarr @imdrewed I’m starting to think we’re not talking about the same song.
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RT @rotoscouts: Full 12-game MLB DFS game-by-game breakdown for DraftKings & FanDuel tonight, plus the link to the show to go throu…
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RT @IWeatherON: #onstorm #onwx ⚠️ Air Quality Update for Southern Ontario VALID: 5:15 PM - June 6, 2023 We are continuing to expe…
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RT @TWEETORACLE: Where are my #Kforce!!!!? Come watch the show go down at the star-studded De Toprano Bar, located at 136 Obafemi A…
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RT @TheHateful8FF: With most #NFL teams starting OTAs or Mandatory minicamp. @JGalt93 is starting his next offseason series. Check out…
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