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Niggas that don’t normally get fried get too smacked and start talking about anything
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RT @Trader_XO: Appreciate many of you tuning in again to last nights stream ft @jimtalbot Covered some basics of macro factors w…
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@BoldGerg 12 year old boy eagerly anticipating puberty to start... checks watch, at any moment
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@SmolSergo i start wearing a cap and ill take it off or tip it at people to reveal my exposed skull
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RT @SAI_Ray1911: Archery has begun. We have the green light to start training for our first competition which is in October. We are…
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It's real, I'll start crying now.
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I went out to start the grill. Random neighbor sees me, waves at me, and says: "You trying to commit suicide!? I…
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RT @MayoIsSpicyy: We need to start manufacturing shit in the United States again so we don’t have to rely on China.
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RT @utdreport: Manchester United's pre-season will officially start on June 27, Erik ten Hag confirmed
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RT @LivCathChoir: Early nights all round tonight after our last rehearsal for the @ClergySupportUK service at @StPaulsLondon tomorrow…
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RT @TheJackForge: I highly recommend that all women should learn how to code or start a career in tech.
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@XidoleusEcho I think some people want us to do more about the game but after 5 yrs you start running out of new id…
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RT @Nia_Fashionista: Hi! I’m looking to connect w/ more copywriters, especially Black creatives that need access/help finding opportunit…
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RT @NkaniYabathathu: For Parents who dont know where to start teaching their kids at Home ❤
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@FinestSol @GreatGoatsNFT @artofmob @Primatesnft For this game (#tron #trx) you are can get good profits only you…
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@TheLastRefuge2 Do you still have hope in the legal system run by these Ds and Rs corrupt people? This was all a joke on us from the start.
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@LiteofMind Ppl keep telling me I need to start journaling
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RT @DRJEnglish21: The institution, the Supreme Court, as for as I'm concerned, has no legitimacy. And people need to start saying it…
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If revolution go start, it should start with the media in Ghana Them be Wana nemesis
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RT @GoBeepUK: @USC How to get more people (including teens) smoking, maintain disease & early death, start illicit markets and in…
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