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RT @TheWeirdWorld: There is 62% of a year left until the 2020s start.
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RT @_Aliya_C: How @AnnieDreaXO is not on 100K yet is so baffling. She’s highly entertaining to me lol. I legit watch her videos f…
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@Hypnogogix Oh God I've been there and I'm SO SORRY. I know late periods can be almost as horrific as the super lon…
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RT @KSHSAA: UPDATE: 2A State Golf will now go at 8:00 am shotgun start. Coaches meeting 7:00 am.
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A special thank you to all the men, and even a few ladies, who came to do some work at Camp Utopia these last three…
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RT @loafocus: Self love, self respect and self worth. There is a reason why they all start with self. You cannot find them in 3, anyone else.
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having two months off to do literally nothing is nice besides sleeping till like 1pm everyday lmao. i’m so screwed when i start my job 💀
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@standardfujoshi I’m already used to this 😭 it seems like my legs just start bleeding as soon as I take a razor in my handXD
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Gonna start ghosting the girls I catch feelings for like Frank ocean ghost his fans :')
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@standstillzarry I start to leave My chains rattle And I realise I've been trapped Trapped in my own dream Night…
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Today is a sad day. 😥😕😔 The $30 promo is going away. To my family, my friends and to the page watchers. If you don’…
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RT @sadthinspo: ED Twitter is so diverse... I want to know what you do for a job or what your dream job is. I’ll start; I’m a professional chef .
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@TomMaycock3 @lannydaws @CraigPower5 Aw don't start 😘😂🏆
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@WidnesRL I think we should have started the game with all our experienced players on. Hansen, leulalei and cahill…
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Ig it’s just good to start over...
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RT @jamescharles: I made my video today NOT to start a war, but to take responsibility for my actions & clear my name. There ARE two…
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@grodaeu Ah, that's right, prestigious prices are no good, people start thinking oncologists know best about the he…
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It all depends, if we both recognize each other then mi aguh start a convo n ting. But I’m not the one to walk up…
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SMH... Army Colonel Warned of False Flag to Start War with Iran Before US Blamed Iran for Attacks via @FPPTim
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RT @AOC: Every Morehouse Class of 2019 student is getting their student debt load paid off by their commencement speaker. T…
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