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@OfficeOfKNath Weed or drunk. Tailored made colours. Not in true spirit.
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Stuck in no-man’s-land: what next for honest Citron Spirit? | HK Racing
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10曲目Smiles like 40 Spirit 低く思いサウンドからくるめっちゃカッコイイ重低音!!! 予想外のサウンドで裏切られた感あるけどカッコイイとしかいいようがない✨✨✨ ラストサビのとkOHSHIさんの歌声エコーかかるのがほんとカッコイイ!!! #トライバリズム
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#ParabensBolsonaro meu presidente.
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RT @Youth_Ottawa: Do you know someone who has a positive influence? Helps others? and deserves to be recognized? Then nominate them T…
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Idk if it cause it raining but I’m so not with today. My spirit is so low.
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Of spirit and truth; the rest, far greater part,
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RT @MayWardArmyOFC: @fllatershy Warrior spirit ..hehehe #MayWardAlbumLaunchApr28
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I’m hiring! I’m looking for self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit who care about their communities. Contact…
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RT @MichaelEging: The Silver Horn Echoes: A Song of Roland "ably reimagines the legend of Roland and his indomitable fighting spirit.…
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RT @UpTheRdTheatre: Peril at Sea is on tour & playing tonight @BureauBlackburn A brand new play, featuring 3 actors, plenty of characte…
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RT @RichaChadha: Happy Holi everyone! . . . प्यार से खेलें। फिर कपड़े और दिल दोनो धोलें! और ख़ुश रहें,in the true spirit of the fe…
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RT @prayerandhealth: RT GoVerses: The objects we pursue and the spirit we manifest reveal our standpoint, and sh…
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RT @UN: Thursday's #WorldPoetryDay is a chance to celebrate the unique ability of poetry to capture the creative spirit of…
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RT @SRuhle: & as a result passengers and staff paid the ultimate price. While many are reveling in a deregulatory jamboree-…
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If you have to write a final i literally didn't study for and a spirit skinbra-fucking-vo square.
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My spirit has left for the day, off to do better things Meanwhile my mind and body are here. Can I trade and just…
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@mtracey we think too much and feel to little Don’t let anybody convince you you are not special The greatest tr…
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@schana29 @poetmountains @rubiconza Please read Max Weber "The Spirit of Capitalism and the Protestant Ethic"
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