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RT @PovertyAlliance: Businesses, academics, faith leaders, health orgs, unions + women's groups have joined anti poverty campaigners + c…
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True true... Perhaps maybe tagging each other? Or we could always continue this~
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鬼束ちひろ ボブ・マーリー Spitz SPEED the brilliant green JUJU ウルフルズ L'Arc~en~Ciel 槇原敬之 カーペンターズ アイ HY BACKSTREET BOYS britney s…
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@kcpolice @rylandhoffman There are more important things you could be doing than sitting in a hidden position or be…
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RT @surejoons: 12 likes 6 rts and 4 comments and i’ll dance to fancy at 1.5 speed on youtube
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RT @XboxAmbassadors: -This Week On Mixer- TUES | @XA_Taxel NHL 19 WED | @XA_EnolaCat Rage 2 + #Giveaway! THURS | @XA_Rezzee Forza Horiz…
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RT @JudyMurray: Dear Andy, another mixed doubles offer for u + one that will difficult to turn down.She won’t be able to hear a wor…
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there really are people out here walking the same speed I do when I'm moving in slow-mo. truly extraordinary l.
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SPEED GIVEAWAY WIN A +50 skins account FOLLOW @AltsMad @Sk_clanbuilder @Sk_Rayko @Sk_DryKz @BrayxGAWs
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I have a dream that Presidental Candidates will be afraid of their flirting skills not their typing speed
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Check out Gillette Super Speed 1973 Safety Razor PLUS Package of 20 Gillette Blue Blades #Gillette via @eBay
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Re: Eliminate "coast-down to firing speed"? - by RichT1 -
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Flight - Jdm:I'm Losing My Mind Over This Need for Speed in Real... #Flights
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@CortexsAussyPal I can only make it if I kill my speed and then drive from the side across from it and jump at the top of the pipe
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市井紗耶香が参院選に立候補するのしないのという報道。 元SPEEDもだったが比例ならどうせ受かるんやろうけど期待してる番手まで連れてくる集票力があるとは思えないよ…あと政治屋になって何するんだか🙀❓
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RT @DaPakistaniGuy: movies btao jldi se speed fitt aa rhi abi. thanku zong
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Criteriums are an intensely popular form of high speed road cycle racing. Watch in Tacoma, June 30 as racers speed…
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