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RT @AmandiOnAir: Is this a joke Madame Speaker? @SpeakerPelosi, you KNOW this corrupt, criminal President is responsible for ongoin…
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This kind of rhetoric only ever cuts one way and for some reason, it doesn't to the speaker's own contorted logic.
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RT @tswizzler13: TWO WORLDS |blackpink horror au| A young award winning psychologist, Lisa, is invited to be a guest speaker at a…
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⁦As a huge fan of Wait, Wait...I’m psyched that @MoRocca⁩ is the closing keynote speaker of #alaac19 ⁦@MCPSSLMP
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I told it before. Khan Sb could be a very effective speaker but Ig he does so. The Parliment will he really lit if…
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RT @daisukefromhell: 名古屋!武装衝突ライブ! 7.06(Sat)名古屋CLUB 3STAR 武装衝突 / FATES / HIKOUKI / SPARK SPEAKER DJ:がっち(武蔵野音楽祭)&More プロレスとライブ、DJのイベント!…
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RT @TokeloBaepile: Watching ANC MPs try bring down @NalediChirwa , while the Deputy speaker fails to protect her. It’s such a shame.…
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RT @kylegriffin1: The first campaign ad from the Democrat running for Susan Collins' Senate seat. Sara Gideon is Maine's House Speake…
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RT @DanBorno: @femigbaja the Speaker House of Representative interacting with Hon. Usman Zannah and Mohammed Abuna of Borno State
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RT @SabatoManyama: Ndugu umeunganisha vip taifa stars kushinda + kiti cha speaker/ubunge wa Nduga ?
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RT @AmandiOnAir: Is this a joke Madame Speaker? @SpeakerPelosi, you KNOW this corrupt, criminal President is responsible for ongoin…
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RT @thehill: Speaker Pelosi: "When I spoke to the president, I said, 'look, I'm a mom, I have 5 kids, 9 grandchildren and childr…
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CFL legend @pinball lit things up as keynote speaker at this year’s #ProfessionalDevelopment Day! More than 450 DC…
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Where has JUSTICE gone? To those who can afford it. #justice #motivation #speaker #meetingplanner
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RT @RobM151: @RepMarkMeadows @CrosbyJenet What makes me sick is Speaker of the House defying her Oath,Constitution and Rule of L…
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RT @Womandla1: Our Keynote Speaker Announced
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RT @VPNderad: .@VPNderad is proud to be guest speaker at @Efusnews General Assembly 2019 in Augsburg, talking about „Polarisation…
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THINNER , Ms. #mbachelet , BUTCHER ! Body Language Speaker dixit !
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@TomSlemen i did it a couple of years back and while we were standing in one of the rooms in the dark, something pu…
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RT @parkjiminpics: jimin with mini chimmy speaker ✩ #지민 #JIMIN @BTS_twt
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