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I set up another acct for voting so not to spam others who follow me and don’t care about it. That acct is now perm…
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@MrRcheck23 that's right! misleading metadata falls in our Spam & scam policies, more info on our previous tweet
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já excluí minha conta do Gmail por que não aguentava mais receber tanto spam. agora minha conta do outlook tá a mes…
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@STARSHlBAL Gib got insigne in goal so they just spam longshots
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@Ceec_liya Spam me 😏
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lowkey wouldn’t mind if tik tok got banned… my attention spam is horrible
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Hey, blue checks, start setting up RSS feeds and posting links to your bios. Cause Twitter seems on its last legs.…
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RT @seriouslyclara: INFLUENCERS 🌳 Terra Nil launches tomorrow! 🌲 If you haven't already applied for a review code, you can still do s…
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RT @SomervilleAU: Looking to significantly decrease the amount of spam, phishing, and spoofed emails that infiltrate your organisatio…
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RT @ksliimm: twitter like a spam to me I get on this bitch & say anything
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@ryxcommar "advanced ai bot swarms" my dude they're copy pasting the same "free btc" spam
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I’m offloading my bookmarks from earlier expect a small batch of spam
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i randomly spam tweet like twice a week and i love every second of it
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RT @ozgurluge_hasrt: Ağır spam aldı hesabım Ne retweet ne beğeni yapabiliyorum AFMüjdesi Bekliyoruz MeclisKapanmadan Afİstiyoruz
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RT @XUXIUPDATES: The latest reel of Lucas dance practice as reached 18M Views & 3M Likes, Lumis let’s spam the comment section with…
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Harto de ilusionarme pensando q alguien comento mis dibujos Y QUE LOS UNICOS COMENTARIOS QUE RECIBA SEAN ESTE PUTO…
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Even if I believed that twitter blue prevents bots and is only used by legitimate people, why the fuck would I be c…
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hermano, dale que tengo el feed a full de spam
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