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RT @weareoneEXO: [🎥 #SUHO & #KAI] Hey Caleb and Gaten. I am Suho from Exo, I am Kai. We would love to meet you in Korea, and we real…
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RT @TheSaemPH: Have you marked your calendars yet? Only 4 DAYS left until we open in SM NORTH EDSA! Catch us this Saturday, June…
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RT @CharingCrossLDN: Our sister living in Victoria, soon to be the #ambavictoria has one of the coolest food concepts going called the…
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RT @mukakukentang: Hello semua, karena ini akun masih baru aku mau ngadain giveaway masker freema masih baru. Tenang free ongkir sejag…
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RT @kylegriffin1: Interesting contrast: Trump tweeted last night that ICE will soon start large-scale enforcement operations — but in…
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@washingtonpost He'll soon be out?
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Probably a safe bet to leave the island as soon as you get scratch from a Komodo dragon. I'm pretty sure you need…
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@fortaeku kamu udah makan? biasanya aku kalo pusing begitu minum obat paramex. get well soon ya 💗
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RT @brianstelter: Jon Stewart to Mitch McConnell: "If you want to know why the 9/11 community is 'bent out of shape' over these past,…
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RT @RepMGS: Sen. McConnell refuses to bring up common sense gun safety legislation passed by the House. He jokes about his “leg…
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That’s way too soon to get fed up. Are you a kid? You have talent, so work hard and keep at it.
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nevermind i can do it, stream soon 🤠
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@Aasif03 Hey, apologies for the inconvenience, please know that we have requested our delivery partners to submit a…
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RT @ritchienography: get well soon
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RT @crucast: Coming soon @TS7music - Lacuna
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RT @SenSchumer: Thanks to Jon Stewart for reuniting with @StephenAtHome to bring our message to the @ColbertLateShow. He’s right.…
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No point telling him Poor tyson will see them soon This is wool country! #haiku
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How tf r u so hot goddamn :-( lets hang soon imy bbgorl u needa catch me up! Ik I say that a lot but I’m srs! Summer is our time
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