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RT @yngnotorious: no matter how much you try, if someone is set on something nothing will change it 📍
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RT @taeseru: sometimes your purpose in someone’s life is simply to expose them to better and help them improve their sense of se…
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RT @Imposter_Edits: Cops see a black man walking home and then decide he needs to be checked out.. claim "they were looking for someone…
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RT @alxmddcx: luv luv luv whenever someone calls me gorgeous
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I like eggplant, eggplant someone please give me> < #bot
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RT @shipperinjapan: Honestly it's just immensely frustrating how all arguments essentially boil down to "sure it's queer, but why wasn'…
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@svgruto Call someone polite such as Miss , Mister,Sir,Madame, you (polite) etc
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@VimtoTime Smile and be happy, inadvertently someone will hold your heart
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Someone ask one of those ai websites to simulate pics of this
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RT @Theholisticpsyc: You can love someone with your full heart, but if they haven't healed their inner child they'll react by shutting d…
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@JoJoFromJerz I can’t imagine being this afraid of someone’s ideas.
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RT @TSECincinnati: We're going to give a Trey Hendrickson autographed jersey to someone who retweets this tweet and follows us! We'll…
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RT @Im_JustRuth: alr yall drop ur Skyverse ocs so i can draw them (pls) i'll post them on @//DailySkyverse and reply to ur reply/Sky…
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@jakfrmdafin no he started fighting someone else😭😭😭
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@I_d_k_m_a_n_ Finally someone gets that sticker star is goated (I'm being dead serious)
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@andrealeadsom I see, so the UK Sign industry is to get a boost from this - well at least someone will benefit mucho!
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again, i kept reading tweets where jackie is called scary??? or that shes the worst ever? maybe you all meant shaun…
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@HussHogan My sincere apologies for being hopeful & kind about someone getting injured 🙄 Go give your bullshit nega…
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@VisitWorcs Ok so this must be an April fool or else someone needs to be kept a long way from policy decisions…..
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RT @DravenNoctis: Who does this? Honestly who would be proud to kill someone? If I ever killed someone I wouldn't brag or claim conf…
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