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@Return0fthePhig @wigger I know but someday maybe he might
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RT @manomano_farm: 多くの人が忘れがちだけど、会いたい人には会いたいと思った時に会っておくべきだし、感謝を伝えたい人がいるならすぐ伝えるべきだし、挑戦したいことがあるなら一日でも早く挑戦すべき。一週間の中どこを探しても「Someday(いつか)」とい…
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Let us hope someday will know our representatives' business accuracy rate. For now, we elect-hire with wide-open bu…
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@MikeZillionaire I burnt about bout 32k on rug pulls within 42 days. I’d tell my story someday. Kek. 0x5677B247f9…
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@VibeLikeBts I’ll give you a daily virtual hug until we meet someday and give you the biggest hug ever OMG THIS ISNT REAL ISTG
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Somebody will understand me someday 😫
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@VAJerryJewell I hope you come to Florida someday soon. I have both Kyo and Victor Funko Pop. You voiced two of my favorites... 🤩
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@GreyDeLisle @LivFoxyTardis Do you think someday you can bring the play to Houston Texas?
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@majidhyderi Majid Sahab, Aptech is too small for these fraudsters. Won’t be astonished if someday SMC finds a ment…
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@JiskeyJasket Totally! Happy to help someone learn and grow. Hopefully I'll find the nerve to get back into pixeling myself someday.
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@trufinhaaa Simmm
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@Fleurfurr I’ve gotta get one of these from you someday!
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@ButcherBoy415 It’s true, but also, what other sport routinely gives massive signing bonuses to teenagers just to s…
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@trufinhaaa Jabuticaba
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RT @shuacheols: #조슈아: “but i knew that someday, I'd be a really, really big star” ⭐️
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I’ll give you my heart Melt it once more, this murmuring of my chest Someday please break this unbreakable curse H…
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RT @noraflanagan: This entire thread is fantastic. Someday I’ll have a lot to say about what I’ve seen in and around selective enroll…
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Prison! To be impressed. Why be a maybe someday. OK ؟? نمشے 🔹W77🔹 🔹W77🔹 🔹W77🔹
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RT @astrologybot_: someday you'll have to forgive yourself, aries. i know it won't be easy.
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Dyed by the slightest occasion, The colors of youth are vast and ever changing Someday, surely, you and I will bloom in the color of love
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