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@queezy125 Shut up that’s why ur twitter name is somebo.... u know what nvm lol
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@KingCeeC1 Instead of Peru Peru that we do say bfr..Now it will be PERU CEE C💯..Hold somebo hold somebody🥰
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Archie Bronson Outfit - Hunch Your Body, Love Somebo - Wild Crush - Domino
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hi betonniste i actually found a copy of HOMINTERN at a zine fair in east london last week. it seems like somebo……
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I think I need medical attention! Somebo-AAAGHHH!!! THIS ISN'T WHAT I HAD IN MIND!
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@FollowerOfDole @jovee DID SOMEBO'DAY SAY VORE
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@Peruzzi_VIBES @thepamilerin Hold somebo hold somebody Peru Peru My gee Say na bestiee😂😂😂😂😂
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RT @The_last_Odiba: When shayo have nack you In the club....and you hear "peru peru" who wan dey remember say he light pesin 😂😂..... "…
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Bang bang... Peru Peru.. hold somebo hold somebody 🤣🤣🤣 #Endtime
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When Peruzzi said "hold somebo hold somebody" he meant hold pamilerin , get him ready for the slap. 🤣🤣
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RT @Okewand3: Hold somebo Hold somebody.... I'm looooosing control 😭😭😭😭 Man's been tryna tell yall that he's an outta control lun…
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#PeruzziVPamilerin... Peruzzi big name....🤙🤙 Peru Peru oh somebo oh somebody. Please done lose control🙏
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RT @the_karchi: Peru Peru! Ho somebo ho somebody... I’m losing control Bouncers to Pamilerin:
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RT @oderahnnaji: Hold somebo, hold somebody😂😂😂
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@IamThEdward So this is what Peruzzi mean by BRI bang bang , hold somebo ,hold somebody 😂😂😂
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Peruzzi meant every word when on She's chorus - "Hold somebo..., hold somebody, I'm losing control". Ask Pamilerin…
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