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@JeffFletcherOCR That's actually...very smart! Props to Ausmus and the crew!
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RT @kinsellawarren: You’re smart, too. If a weapon is banned - and many are - there are enhanced sentences for being caught with one. T…
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RT @UMEHoma: Her boyfriend held her as a prisoner for days, until she found a risky but smart way of getting him arrested. Don’t…
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Yay! Ex-RB 'He Hate Me' Smart found safe, police say
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RT @Realpersonpltcs: Stupid people should not even own a smart car.....
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Rod Smart found safe after being reported missing
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@EagleSpeed4311 Take your ☝️ lil ring & bounce. You can read....WE RUN THE EAST.
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RT @JamesClear: One way to beat your bad habits is to upgrade your addictions. Go from “addictive but unrewarding” -social media s…
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@nite0wl @BorrisInABox Hackers got in to my smart toilet last week. If I don't send them 3 Bitcoins, they won't re-…
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RT @MarkiaaG_: a smart female can play stupid but a stupid bitch can't play smart..
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RT @dpalm66: No reason to over extend yourself finding a home. There’s a smart way to do most things.
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RT @Beriozka1917: 全市民が怒りを以て見なければならない現実。この6年で菅官房長官が好き放題に使った官房機密費のうち、9割強の67億6080万円が領収書のない支出。横領しても分からない。 菅官房長官が自由にできる「官房機密費」6年間で74億円 |…
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July is Smart Irrigation Month! The campaign focuses on minimizing over-watering while keeping lawns and landscapes…
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RT @TheGruffSpartan: Death, taxes, and Michigan fans talking about recruiting in June. For claiming to be so smart they didn’t learn a…
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“Some say zombies became popular Just when phones became so smart We began staring into them entranced.” —R…
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actually i think you'll find my students already have a smart tutor (thank you thank you i'm here til thursday)
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@TechTorontoOrg @BrainStation Whole lotta smart people!! 😁
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It’s not quite a Ponzi scheme, but the bulk of the potential of a formula will accrue to the first cohort to adopt…
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gays cuja personalidade é camiseta da smart fit
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RT @ShadowLeague: “This is a missing person. There is nothing nefarious about this.” Former XFL legend "He Hate Me" has gone missing…
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