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I'm slowly hating Kwon Giseok and his complex. Like he doesn't even consider her feelings he's just too focused on…
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RT @BadMikeyBad: If you ever find me in the kitchen at 3 in the morning stuffing shredded cheese in my mouth like it was Copenhagen,…
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RT @ItsmeSukender1: Look at the trends we are slowly moving top trend in India... Keep rocking #DHFM #50DaysToTfiEpitomeSSMBBday
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Slowly but (it is now clear) surely the Supreme Court is finally straightening out the incoherent body of "establis…
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RT @Alex_NyiNyiAung: #Myanmar’s economy is slowly regaining stability and picking up speed after a volatile 2018, World Bank reports. Th…
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RT @THEMERRIONINN: Our Pasta of the Week - Real Italian Bolognaise. We slowly cook our beef for two days in our homemade beef stock w…
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Support for right-to-repair laws slowly grows 79
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sorry for the late replies on dms guys- been a busy week and i'll get to replying them slowly 👌🏻
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@godneysbjs I hate when fans says this but i’m slowly giving up on miley like she does not care about her career
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Slowly turning into a devops guy. I feel like I'm recovering from coding but I still love to code.
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RT @INSAN_Menakashi: Drink your solid and chew your liquids. Food should be chewed to an extent it is almost like a liquid & when u inta…
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I think that's much more painful. Death comes so slowly that you didn't even realize you were already taken by it…
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RT @CultVarun: If you’ve watched the original.. in the second half he calls out and gets angry on some other guy for fat shaming a…
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I fully believe that Melania is slowly poisoning trump and I really appreciate it, she’s doing the people’s work
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Make me feel so I can write I'm slowly fading away
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RT @gkinghorn: 💥 @entylawyer made #NXIVM details public 7 years ago!!! Reminder that the wheels of justice turn slowly when dealin…
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Slowly becoming a Luddite
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And slowly, the swamp became an ocean. Deep and wide, but filled with dangerous and slimy creatures...
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@Leigh_Teller_RP Will slowly takes the pillow from Leigh, placing it underneath his back. "I feel like the pain is…
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