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@I_am_Tshenolo you're on, then LEAVE. Protect your emotions and well-being to avoid sinking into depression.
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We were once a sinking ship barely on the surface
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@dmuthuk Human psychologically tend to hold onto sinking ships; Many big Fortune 500 went out in less time. Satyam, lucent, ge ?
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@DanRather Just like quicksand, he just keeps sinking lower and lower.
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RT @kaybullar: Sars will Kill us, our leaders will suffers us , military men will annihilate us . God please take me away from thi…
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RT @AsiaMTI: Duterte’s response to the sinking of the Gem-Ver 1 by a Chinese vessel reveals how far the Philippine president is…
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RT @PlayTCM: If you're going through a hard season, what or who are you looking to for salvation? It's in these times that we di…
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It's all sinking! Not just the steps! The entire staircase is melting and sinking away! And don't look for your gun…
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@TillytheWestie Mum said you looked like good swimmer. When we swam (only time) she said our westie butts were sinking! hehehe x
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@kathrynresister It's been sinking in since 2015
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Crying in public because you can no longer control your emotion and hold back your tears...couldn't stop your heart…
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Watching footage from the “send her back” Trump rally genuinely gave me a sinking feeling and made me sick to my st…
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@Andy This is another show that has gotten mean, negative, and yet boring. I stopped watching. Bravo is sinking.
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Entire crowds of people shouting "send her back... send her back..." WOW America, congrats on sinking to a new low.…
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RT @portmanteauface: The nice thing about Monday morning *cries in shower* is the sinking reality that your dreams are still out of reac…
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RT @VampirschiGames: Part 14 is here !!! The Sinking City - Playthrough Part 14 (H.P. Lovecraft inspired horror a... via @YouTube
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RT @onbrandbrandonn: Apparently you can have your ashes condensed & turned into diamonds for your loved ones to wear??? idk if this is a…
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@Vandy29th It’s pretty good! Been sinking loads of hours into it 😄
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Economic Report: Philadelphia Fed manufacturing gauge rebounds strongly in July to highest level in a year The Phi…
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