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RT @Cryptgeek_: What if i told you there was a single project that could give you passive exposure to all of #defi? Like an index f…
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@inkhy3 @Oinkert1 @tweakshasdrip I find those two every single match I can never find a shotgun 💀
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@GLuiisss They stay picking on her over that though.. like she hasn’t seen it 1000 times 🙄 people just wanna single her out .. its weird
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RT @dick_nixon: There is not a single credible person and/or competent politician underneath Johnson, and they've waited so damn lo…
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@UNDERPRESSUUURE He wrote down a 300 word essay and not a single person is reading
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RT @KathleenGanley: @Andy_von_Busse We fought for 3 days and nights against that Bill. Then they jumped in the fountain to celebrate.…
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@halsey 3am would’ve been such an amazing single!! one of my favs 💔
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RT @__mdb_: I would hate to have to wear makeup EVERY SINGLE DAY … 🫠
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RT @EanMeyer: Somewhere, The Phantom Phreak, the King of NYNEX, weeps a single tear into a leopard print crop top.
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Don't mind me, just preparing for a flight by loading up more media than could ever possibly be consumed in a month…
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RT @868nathan: Every single Balenciaga runway model walks like someone owes them money😭
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Very lucky, single people's ؟? سترےت 6 اناسـ اوناسـ
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this is why y’all single and complaining to twitter lmfao everybody want some one sided perfect relationship that’s…
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RT @adoraofficialkr: ADORA(아도라) 3rd Pre-release Digital Single [Trouble? TRAVEL!] ⠀ MOOD #2 : MAZE & DICE 🔗 20…
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@Flora770_ Lmao, love the way you’ve ignored everything else he’s worked on to focus on Super Tuna. Which still wen…
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RT @jimgibs0n_2: What I can't get my head around is, of all the people at an illegal party during lockdown, why are only some of the…
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RT @TonyHussein4: Lauren Boebert hasn't introduced a single bill that has made progress in the House. How has she raised her profile…
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RT @ScottLEOWarrior: Thank god for @Deliveroo & @MillerandCarter Single life is hard ... NOT 🤣🤣🤣
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RT @TreFromRose: Every single one of us except the snakes
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