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RT @JuddLegum: 1. This weekend, 2000 Mules, @DineshDSouza's discredited documentary promoting the Big Lie, began showing at hundre…
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RT @RobertMaguire_: NEW: Remember that claim that Trump was "working for free" and donating his $1.6 million presidential salary? We g…
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@gtlem Exactly. Police aren't showing up at anyone's door for not getting vaxxed. #ActionsHaveConsequences, like ev…
217 followers     NOYB     Reply Retweet Favorite showing 1 minute of highlights on a 82 game season supposed to mean something? Didnt giannis hit…
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@MikeFaust18 Really. For showing a dm that is considered as cyber bullying and telling someone to go kill themselve…
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RT @ASlavitt: BREAKING: Pfizer and BioNTech release data showing effectiveness of 3 dose vaccine for kids 6 months to 5 years of 80%.
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Beauty category showing resiliency with Ulta, Estee Lauder and Olaplex among analysts’ top picks
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RT @gozde_ekz: Two things vital for artists in NFT space that wants to put their pieces in more collectors collection.👇 1. Creating 2. Keep showing up
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RT @KhutsoTheledi: God is not finished showing you how much you can grow.
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@connor_t94 @LeModFootball That should have been google not showing trading all say
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@UdoSike Catholicism doesnt worship idols. Showing reverence to/respect to saints and other highly significant bibl…
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@citizentvkenya Kalonzo is suffering from a disease we call "isolation through ego". If he can't allow Martha to s…
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RT @An_elf_pirate: This guy is already showing what an asshole he is 😬
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RT @seimeizu: Jaemin is so… his departure to Jakarta was all Fendi, then his sightin on FX was wearing mostly Celine, after that…
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RT @denisrancourt: Russia is showing the way to escape suicidal globalism led by maniacs. If Canada had education and democracy it cou…
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@f_longfield @GaiusBaltar18 @BellaWallerstei Oh what a surprise (!) Wallersteiner is showing one of the early warni…
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RT @RobertMaguire_: NEW: Remember that claim that Trump was "working for free" and donating his $1.6 million presidential salary? We g…
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RT @taehunhourly: taehun showing his fav prt in ‘MOVE’ #TAEHUN #최태훈 #TNX #티엔엑스
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Test sales receipts showing the tax correct are not correct on send for whatever wild reason. The choice is bring…
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