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RT @scottwongDC: MEADOWS sends a warning shot on Fox: "Bob Mueller better be prepared, because I can tell you he will be cross exami…
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@CFCCheersquad @C_Filippo23 @CarltonFC Kouta. Cripps is a given. So, let me choose Levi Casboult. His own fans are…
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na love shot ako dudeparechong 😆
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RT @RIFoodFights: Pepperoni at @federalhillpizza! Who has YOUR fave roni pie? TAG friends for shot at 2 Passports to 6th Annual LORD…
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@NatashaFatah @CateMartel @thehill The democrats have a sad group of losers as Candidates. So far the long shot Tu…
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I've chosen to do a Power Shot in Africa's Largest Football Game with @TotalSAfrica, what would you choose?…
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one perfect shot acount will probably tweet at least one of these stills in next few days i'm sure of it
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RT @ssekkabb: ถ้ามิโอริ เลือกชุดนี้ พร้อม กับโล่ห์ อันดับที่ 20 มาถ่าย 2-Shot แฟนคลับคงดีใจมากๆ 💪✌😳 #2ShotwithMii #MioriBNK48
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RT @TomArnold: Shannon Watts makes huge gun manufacturers lobbying organization surrender Dana Loesch & NRATV without firing a sin…
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RT @Autotestdrivers: Fast & Furious 9 Starts Shooting, Diesel and Co. Have a Field Day: It’s official: the cameras are rolling and the f…
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RT @davidmweissman: There’s nothing brave about broadcasting propaganda for profit even with the end result of kids being shot up in sc…
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Once I get to Cali I need @loverofmine_ to pull up and take a shot of jack Daniels with me cause we finna be drunk all weekend PERIOD ‼️⚠️
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and yeah of course i’m gonna do 1 gg and 1 bg cuz i ain’t doing 2 ggs i can’t fucking do it 🤡 we going ✈️ love shot
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@RapAllStars His shot so ugly but somehow it still go in lol
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Very exciting time for a lot of young talent at their respective team's development camps. Some might get their fir…
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RT @myfabolouslife: BlueFace Bussdown Watchiana 🥶 [shot by @Diamond_Deshon] #ClubO #Chicago
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RT @Liquor: Watch Out for Whiskey Fraud: This Guy Paid $10K For a Dram and Found Out It Was a Fake
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@AriiJBlige I got off three years ago, took one year off and now I’m on DEPO. not sure if you’ve been in the shot o…
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... week so the cece/charles a reveal was infuriating to me specially bc the trans theory was very popular but the…
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@KansasCitian87 Dude I’m not sure what club you’ve been watching but Roma’s PR is shot. Before worshiping at the al…
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