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@nypost Enough with this shit already! Handle your fucking business and bothering the rest of the world
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Togashi really is the most followed mangaka on the site in less than 3 days. There’s levels to this shonen shit
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and i know this shit comes up every other month like clockwork but it bears repeating: we do this for free. a lot o…
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Gotta learn to detach myself from shit that ain’t good for me
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RT @_mainepopi: I’ll buy sum shit n have it for months before I even wear it
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This Shit Did BANG Tho 😅🤣🤣🤣
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RT @SourrPatchy: I love a lowkey vibe. Nobody knowing shit about us, but us...
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RT @Frazier1Destiny: “We did itttt Joe” Bitch ain’t did shit since she made that video!!
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How you mad he choosing me, you’ll die if you know what he was doing 2 me ….We been swapping spit for a lil while t…
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RT @yafavputa_: Until people realize it be the principle behind shit, they’ll never understand me
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@Gen_Gen_T @LongTplexTrader SHit happens, i more than once got filled on minis while i was thinking to be playing with micros lol
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@SpiderBears_YT @Roblox dang that sucks, my roblox account from 2017 got banned permanently and i can't recover it…
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RT @_lilag1: A nigga ain’t never put me in position w. nothing & a nigga ain’t never do shit for me that I couldn’t do for mysel…
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RT @bankroll_EB: Gotta find somebody that love you how you love them shit ain’t gone neva work if you over loving a mf
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@buzzardtx @mark_melbin @AnnCoulter By the way tough guy, didn’t the dems steal the election. Isn’t that what the 2…
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RT @jonmikesav8: Rio was brilliant. So was Vidic. For me Jaap Stam is just ahead of those 2. He had Rio’s class and Vidic’s raw desi…
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Bro really said if he was born in LA he thinks he woulda been a blood that shit kills me to this day 😭😭😭
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He is speaking facts he just said it in a way you wanna slap the shit outta him
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RT @Only1Chrishaee: Fumbling the bag isnt always about $$, its also mishandling ppl who genuinely care for you. That shit rare to find !!
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RT @tiffjwall: @SargeantMadison Everybody wants to be a cowboy until it's time to do cowboy shit.
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