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RT @annehelen: The daughter of one of the reporters at the Uvalde paper was killed in the massacre. She asked her editor if she co…
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RT @ifyouseekkae: I’m just thankful Taylor Swift is popular enough that her labels won’t require her Tiktok virality before she can release her songs
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RT @jackbuckby: Just drove an old lady home after falling in the supermarket. Categorically refused an ambulance so I'm checking in…
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@hodlhero_eth You are... Curling your girls hair? Correction, she is letting you curl her hair?!
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RT @itsmontyj: If she lacking in something and you fw her heavy, teach her.
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RT @TwBr61196012: "A woman killed herself because she was no longer able to feed her children." The Int'l community, including the…
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@Inside_Hawg_Pen @delrod54 She can’t live without me because I have spoiled her beyond your wildest imagination. T…
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RT @AshramKolkata: Misuse of POCSO law is a legal weapon to trap the Innocents. So called girl was not minor but she lied and did Misu…
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RT @ArchCordileone: Speaker Nancy Pelosi has strong opinions on what the Church teaches but she is wrong. And that is part of why I had…
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RT @IMDb: While she hits the big screen in #TopGunMaverick this week, take a closer look at the various roles Jennifer Connel…
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@sayraibarra20 @Msbunbunz Gawd damn right she is katt so so fine she the girl I simp for not faith I’m putting her in my bio
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@TrippyJusTrippy If you were to impregnate her, she needs to know how and if you can provide for her and the child.
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RT @hiyyihchang: [NOT 🦁 RELATED] To filo-hiyyihlights who watches pbb, pls support @anjisalvacion I’ve been a silent fan and now I…
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RT @Goddie_Ke: If she is this royal, keep her
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RT @KhanHuneza: Nupur Sharma tried to disrupt the peace and harmony of nation by her foul language. She deliberately hurt the relig…
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RT @GuntherEagleman: A TRUE Patriot 🇺🇸 and Legit follow!! So close to 100k. She follows back! Give her a RT and Follow!! @leslibless
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RT @ChuckCallesto: REPORT: Elon Musk stokes spat with AOC by DARING HER TO TWEET poll asking people if they trust billionaires or poli…
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RT @mderndarkwizard: Since Rotten went on about how Johnny won't leave Amber alone, I wish that Camille had reminded the jury that Carin…
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@westsdanvers fr like ok you want her orange but why does she have to be played by a white actress? that's what I d…
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@VLF79 She cuts and pastes full sets of teeth onto her pics like a ransom note!
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