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RT @kuromibatwings: idc if it makes me "sensitive" or whatever but seeing people talk shit about my hyperfixations just makes me so unb…
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RT @najihahshahrel: Its true. Having the right partner means you can talk about anything, regardless of how sensitive, embarrassing t…
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WTS LFB mingyu set - 850 — payo — onhand — x sensitive qrt mine set
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Slept last night in my silk robe like the sensitive young man in Bely’s Petersburg
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RT @JosephOnuorah: These guys are desecrating the chambers of the Presidency - Like a bull in a China shop. What is the basis for hav…
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RT @Serena_Partrick: I just watched a video with an 18 year old woman explaining that she had a radical double mastectomy 1 month after…
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RT @LiorHaiat: 2/2 Israel is also concerned by the proliferation of sensitive technologies from DPRK to rogue Middle East states,…
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RT @misstakeyabtc: my sensitive ass really notices every small change in tone, convo, lack of interest from ppl & i take that sht to heart .
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@Papitoanti40 Omg again? Now you're watching my acc omg bro 🤣 you're so sensitive. Stop stalking me 😭
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RT @Er_dward: Okay so @enokay69 due to its sensitive nature. It’s going to be 24 hours from now. Cc: @PaystackSupport ,…
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RT @thisusertwtss: i hate how sensitive i am sometimes
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🔒📁 Seeking a secure spot for your sensitive items? Look no further than a storage unit! 🗃️ Safeguard important docu…
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RT @krislc: An online shopping platform in Hong Kong organised a private screening of documentary “To Be Continued” on June 4.…
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Niggas be too sensitive fwm that’s y I don’t got one 😂 tired of niggas bitching can’t take a joke for nothing
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this is better than set as A against with B .Humans are like this as animal nature .someone is a bitter smarter ,so…
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RT @MindTendencies2: People who lack the emotional intelligence to understand your depth will call you sensitive. They can only meet you…
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下まつげはまずダブルラインでグラマラスライン作ってパウダーで濃くして、それに沿ってアイライナーでまつ毛書いてます 気合いでまつ毛書きましょう
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@fakethedaytime the second for being more relatable, sensitive and raw... the third one too, he gave me butterflies…
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