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RT @Ador_dami: Thabang has won the Friday arena games for the second time💪🏽🔥🔥. It’s Biggie’s praises for me😹🔥🔥Congratulations smal…
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RT @blackpinkbabo: the reporters asked jisoo for a spoiler and she paused for a second before running in 😂
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RT @joonstudio: me after hearing 1 second of like crazy
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RT @FilmUpdates: Millie Bobby Brown’s first novel to be released this fall. Titled Nineteen Steps, the novel is described as an “ep…
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@KinCali1 @chadfelixg First. Thank you for your service. Second. Thanks for the answer. That helps a lot.
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RT @GradingBird: @tragicbirdapp Gotta go with the classic Kira one but here’s some other ones too (The reason the second one’s ther…
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@mrbluesky99 Diversity is not a word they know……in Muslim countries 🤷🏻‍♂️ we on the other hand are racist right win…
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Timeline for Tuchel till the second Man City Match: Mon 27: First training Wed 29: International players back Sat 1…
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@fightback223 @ABC Yeah. Or, a federal judge saw a little thing we call "evidence" that they were involved in a co…
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But saw somebody talking about how they’re over the natural phase .. & I second that . My hair is at my shoulders n…
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RT @BallySportsMW: For the second time in his career, Miles Mikolas will start for the #STLCards on Opening Day.
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RT @BNBCHAIN: Another wonderful turnout for the second day of our AZAADI with #Web3 event in Goa 🇮🇳 Great to meet so many hungry…
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@Nthabis66412658 O nkwisha bohloko hle 🙈🙈🙈gape you had so much faith in them nna i knew the game might end ka draw after ke bona second half
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@SteveBU2B @StuartRouse Why would anyone want to be led by a mendacious, degenerate narcissist who would sell his g…
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RT @kkundrra: Second ‘thank you’ of today… to endlessly being grateful.. aap ho toh mein hoon 🙏🏼🏆🍻
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Gotta love people repeatedly telling me that my mother is currently sober, like that’s going to fix anything she’s…
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Wait how does he die a second tjme
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POV: you're 21 and even a second of being unproductive is enough to make you feel guilty for not working towards yo…
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@harryoverice READ BOOK LOVERS second best emily henry book
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