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RT @taran_adarsh: PLATOON DISTRIBUTION TO RELEASE KANNADA FILM ‘MANDALA’… #ShiladityaBora's #PlatoonDistribution ventures into…
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RT @DVDBeaver: William Cameron Menzies' "Invaders from Mars" (1953) 4K UHD - Helena Carter / Jimmy Hunt @Ignite_Film Ignite:…
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RT @WrittenbyMars: Hi #booktwt I’m Mars and I’m new here and I was hoping to find some moots🤍 ⇥ She/They 18 ⇥ fav genres: Fantasy, S…
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RT @DVDBeaver: William Cameron Menzies' "Invaders from Mars" (1953) 4K UHD - Helena Carter / Jimmy Hunt @Ignite_Film Ignite:…
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An excellent sci-fi and horror haul. Some of these I owned on DVD already, but not 4K or Blu Ray. Hereditary, The W…
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@BrianRoemmele Swear I saw this in a sci-fi horror film on Showtime. Spoiler alert - didn’t end well for a lot of humans.
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RT @PWatchPress: Comics Twitter! AREA 51: THE HELIX PROJECT is only 3 backers away from 150! Will you help our super personal Sci-Fi…
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RT @horrornoar: Tatiana Maslany e Jasmin Savoy Brown vão protagonizar o terror sci-fi GREEN BANK. Dirigido por Josh Ruben, o filme…
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¿Ya has visto «Psychokinesis» en Netflix? Película coreana 101 m Sci-fi acción surrealista, algunas carcajadas y un…
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More People Need to Watch This Superb Netflix Sci-Fi Series - CNET (Jennifer Bisset/CNET News)
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@BubbleTeaFolks Sci-Fi or Medieval?
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China Unveils This Public Library That Seems To Be Taken Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie
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RT @Rothmus: Thank you @DaPholosopher, very cool! 🔥🔥 For libertarian-themed sci-fi, check out my Cliff Hock series on Amazon.…
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RT @TheDustyLeaves: First illustration of the year is done! Finally got that sci-fi drawing out of my head
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RT @BudrykZack: "Quietly devastating sci-fi with a Parks & Rec guy" really cleaning up as a subgenre lately
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RT @garywhitta: Just sold an original sci-fi movie. Boom. More to come!
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RT @RedshiftedGame: @dArtagnanDnD Thanks for the space! I make Redshifted, a dark sci-fi game set in a dystopian galaxy! I'm hosting op…
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Captor: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Piper Stone
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At this weekend, I plan to watch Sci-Fi Dramas type of movie,then I will read a book named <Twilight> , and listen…
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@garywhitta I keep hope for The Last Starfighters, but I love the sound of "original sci-fi".
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