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Mannn, was just looking back at photos from circa 2009, I am so grateful that I am alive. Life was a fucking blast…
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Started watching Young Justice: Phantoms (Season 4). They must have saved a bunch on their animation budget by sett…
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As schools attempted to cut their track and field programs, athletes and alumni have fought back. But what happens…
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RT @g7uwu: yj: you saved my contact on your phone as “my love youngjae 🧡” whats the meaning behind that? we already talked abo…
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RT @JackPosobiec: We'll never know how many people were saved by security guard and retired Buffalo PD officer who stood up to the sh…
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RT @bronhistory: LeBron was beating the Raptors so bad that he saved them from getting a tech out of pity. All-time disrespect.
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RT @hayyyshayyy: Florida really shooting their shot today, eh? 34 shot attempts, 17 of which have gone on goal. Andrei Vasilevskiy…
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@jossmarnoch genuinely reckon his goal at DFC saved us this season you know
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RT @LizerReal: aw mom saved a clipping from when i made the newspaper
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@adamhoov @elonmusk @CampingWorld I'm in the Elon-needs-a-PR-department camp. A good one could have saved him (and…
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RT @Kpop_Diaries101: 《# 1》 Why do Hybe stans keep pushing this weird narrative that "Hybe saved Seventeen." When SVT were literally mil…
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Anthony saved the game.
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RT @MissNicoletta: @richgalen @nytimes @tomfriedman People have no clue how Biden probably saved Ukraine from being taken over by Puti…
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RT @lovingromie: Dm — fromis_9 saved 2022 aswell and it didnt even begin yet when it got released it was like early january and the…
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@tamera_va For now. Sht, anything can happen. I have $100 million dollar cribs saved on realtor & most of them are…
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@Rod25280326 @10sbackup1 @TeamDreamville When female rapper was going dead nicki saved it
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@tttopchan Aaaaaaa noooo the other band who saved Korean"s economy hahhaha u know they r louder about it.
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@IronMonkey099 My day has been blessed ans saved
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@wm2147 Saved this Tweet to your Notion database. Tags: [Cat]
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🐺:You saved someone by sacrificing yourself. Back when you could of killed me you chose not to do it.
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