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Exist? Without Success doesn't come to me save to ك̷و̷د̶⁩ ⁦̸خ̷ص̸م̴⁩ . .._^ ے⁦نون⁩-
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RT @Gnogen: NFTs can change the world. And it can change 1 person's world. Victor is a brave baby boy fighting SMA-1. Becaus…
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RT @LaurenWalshArt: As I sit here crying, knowing that my health conditions make any pregnancy a high risk pregnancy and that I won’t h…
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RT @QasimRashid: Your friendly local Muslim & lawyer here to remind you Sharia permits abortion up to 120 days, for rape/incest, whe…
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@David49ers7 @KarenDober @AOC 50 years to codify it as law. Instead they campaign on it, collected money, kept ins…
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RT @OlwynHope: @ckarr2 Coco needs RT RT RT and as many PLEDGES she can get to be save her LIFE ! She was dumped at the KILL SHELTE…
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@Deew04 @DeborahMeaden You are showing compassion for someone who has none. Save it for those who deserve it. It's in short supply
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RT @ernestprakasa: Please read & save yourselves.
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I just earned the 'God Save the Queen (Level 84)' badge on @untappd!
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Yeah but "we're a Republic, not a Democracy," "Save our Republic" ... blah blah blah ... "1776" ....
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RT @KeithOlbermann: 1/2 - While we have been focused on the collapse of America, the NYC pound has killed four dogs this week and order…
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RT @primedayo: This Space na set up sha. Them wan save Sega reputation. It’s as clear as day. Movie script buruku
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@MacFarlaneNews ‘Unexpected incarceration’ Because he didn’t receive a ‘save the date’ or an invitation..l
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RT @whitenigerian: Ya Allah, rescue me from every trial and save me from all difficulties, and grant me an abode in Jannah.
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RT @plasticmartyr: Every person who voted for Trump in 2016 is responsible for the deterioration of our nation. You should be ashamed…
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wanna earn, save n spoil my loved ones, spoil myself, spoil pets, spoil kids, my gift-giving love language is THIRSSSTY to spoil everyone 😖
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RT @POTUS: I just signed into law the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. While this bill doesn't do everything I want it to, it…
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RT @stfuzex: i save me, i heal me, i got me, i have me.
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RT @manarabdalaziz4: I’m praying for you to be okay!! pls keep your prayers everyone and keep posting the hashtag and ask WHERE IS AMAL!…
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