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Even with me, people have wronged me and yeah for a little while you are angered but eventually forgiving and movin…
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RT @JizzleFoshizzle: @melanin_mvnroe Yessss sis same af😂😂 or that sliding off from the side😜
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RT @brgridiron: Devin Hester’s son really has the same moves as his dad (via @ChicagoBears, @D_Hest23)
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RT @CheerFessions1: Reckless are the first team to ever go back to back in their division. Why aren’t they getting all this attention l…
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RT @1youngpoo: Y’all ever be losing your fucking mind but be chilling at the same time
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RT @sweethwis: same fandom who doesn't care about his current group. because if all of you actually do, you wouldn't be separating…
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And she’ll have to stay strong for the rest of her life while this “ Cop” gets a working pay check for doing the sa…
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RT @LailaLoveSF: Well it looks like that weasel is back at it again! The same guy that burned Jewels, Mia, Bambi, etc ALMOST got me…
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@vintagemisry @HoodieAllen Trying to!!! But I think it’s the same day as Don Broco!!!
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@buckupcamper Same, & also after conversations I thought went really well. 🤷‍♀️
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I feel like if we live in the same apartment complex and I say “Hi!” ... while holding the door open for you in…
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RT @ramsayz: #iSmartShankar Releasing Today! Hope you all get the same KICK i got while playing him & watching him! Pranam kan…
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You never complained when #Obama did the exact same thing.
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RT @BillKristol: “'Go back to your own country' isn’t exactly a tape of Trump saying the N-word, but it’s in the same zip code....An…
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RT @ramsayz: #iSmartShankar Releasing Today! Hope you all get the same KICK i got while playing him & watching him! Pranam kan…
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RT @DiamondandSilk: Nancy Pelosi said the WORDS that the President used were racist. But those same words are in the Dictionary. Does t…
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for my tlc babes yes this was the same time i picked up that huge string of kelp and was helicoptering it around
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RT @ChuckRossDC: Just noting that Greg had the same thought, but a bit before me
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