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RT @BBCWorld: Russian businessman arrested in oligarchs investigation
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The story about russian collusion was just distraction #twitterfiles #trump
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RT @DavidCornDC: Looking forward to your investigation of Rudy Giuliani's collusion with Andriy Derkach—a "Russian agent," per the T…
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RT @TheDeadDistrict: Russian troops shoot a goose and then carma is arrived
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RT @Osinttechnical: This was seen extensively in areas outside of Kyiv (Bucha, Irpin) after the Russian withdrawal in April. Tons of tr…
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RT @DefenceHQ: Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 03 December 2022 Find out more about the UK gove…
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RT @MonicaCrowley: Remember when the regime told us the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation?
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@DagaEspada Russian media are far better of than western and Assange does risk nothing at all, not even to be mobilized at his age.
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RT @NOELreports: AFU south of Bakhmut shot down a Russian SU-34.
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RT @BefittingFacts: Goa: Two Nepali nationalist arrested for raping Russian tourist. Shakil Ansari and Sayumdhin Ansari were working as…
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@VEmilevna @dw_russian РуССкая нацистка, дєті чєго? Йобані окупанти навіть не знають назви регіонів котрі захопили.
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RT @avalaina: Olga Zhuk writes that her son entered the bus, saw a defender, and sat next to him. Then he snuggled up and fell as…
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RT @hodgetwins: Remember when 50+ intelligence community officials, including the former directors of the CIA, NSA, and National In…
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@NATOFact @LarissaAbramiuk @blackintheempir Former US State Department official Eliot Cohen stated openly that the…
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@tedcruz the probable fact that this is material that was hacked by the russian state and given to associates of th…
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RT @DagnyTaggart963: The same Kherson raccoon that the Russian military “stole from the zoo during the retreat to mock/kill/rape/eat” ca…
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@dw_russian они когда нюхнут, такие перспективы рисуют - закачаешься
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RT @zead454: 6 years ago, at this time of year, Aleppo saw the most barbaric Assad bombing, Russian airstrikes, and siege. All h…
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RT @Gerashchenko_en: Solovyev keeps dreaming of returning death punishment and removing any shred of democracy. He doesn't care that e…
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RT @SkyNews: BREAKING: A rich Russian businessman has been arrested at his luxury home in London by police investigating crimina…
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