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RT @Tomy_Rohde: Poco se habla de que en Sevilla han pillao pulgas centenares de personas en un festival. Por no desbrozar ni tratar…
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@rural_nomad ❤❤
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todo dia é dia de enaltecer Phillip Crane ao som do tema do globo rural. #Bridgerton
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"📌 Diferencia entre zona rural y urbana: características, imágenes y ejemplos de zonas urbanas y rurales..."
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RT @lilomatic: I am a firm believer & advocate of rural development. We need to collectively make our villages more productive & s…
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RT @DilipGhoshBJP: 1.1 The TMC leaders manipulated the funds of Amphan to build a 3-storey house for himself but the schools couldn't…
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FEATURE-No work and nowhere to live: a rural migrant's ordeal in locked-down Shanghai
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RT @PoladAid: #PoladAid Donation of the Sport Kit to the Mbembeswana School Head and Officials at the Matabeleland North District…
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@itshinner Eu morando em uma cidade de 6 mil habitantes, sendo 2k na cidade e 4k na zona rural kkkkkkk
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@chanmett @noraneus Do you know what happens in rural areas when they quit hunting?
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RT @MargaretKCrane: This is happening NEXT THURSDAY at @caveatnyc! It's about pop punk and rural Massachusetts and drug smuggling and c…
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#GNBSucre || En despliegue especial de seguridad rural en la T10 en el tramo Campearito - Los Límites, Garantizando…
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RT @KhabarLahariya: Lack of #housing facilities has forced people to live in huts - The benefits of the…
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RT @BiharEnergy: Incredible feat! From 8-10 hrs of avg daily supply about 10 yrs back to currently providing an avg power for appro…
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Neusinha é a minha fav da rural toda
93 followers     Tramandaí, Brasil     Reply Retweet Favorite - Rural Californians hit with highest gas prices in nation This is sheer greed on the acc…
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Neuquén participó del Encuentro Nacional de Turismo Rural
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Visitantes puderam fazer mini cursos e participar de palestras sobre mercado internacional de produtos agrícolas =>…
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Neuquén participó del Encuentro Nacional de Turismo Rural
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@PankajPuniaINC 8 years of Modi.. 7 New IITs 7 New IIMs 15 New IIITs 10 Cr Toilets 370 Removal 12 New AIIMS 3 crore…
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