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RT @guapodaily: ❤️‍🩹 BEST GUAPODUO MOMENT ❤️‍🩹 🥈 02. do you wanna get married? (655 votes, 14,6%)
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@barshoelife Thank you @barshoelife now I can study. Who the hell is going to run with National Treasure early 🤔🤔.…
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RT @Selen_Tatsuki: This week I'm going to take it easy and treat it as a mini vacation 👍 I've been needing it for a long time to final…
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Nado two run shot! 2-0 Cards! #stlcards
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RT @outseide: To all my friends in the northeast US, if you have never experienced smoke from wildfires, please take care. If the…
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@wasnotfound__ I loved dsmp but it's undeniable that qsmp WAS RUN BETTER than the dsmp was.
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@SteveySpinella @GamecockBasebll Stevey, im ready to run through a brick wall now. See you in Omaha. Let’s go Cacccckkkkss
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@Daniel_Rapaport I’m not so sure Scooter. That ain’t what gets leaked if you win. PGAT and Jay got outflanked and a…
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RT @maksymeristavi: the majority of people in southern Ukraine will have a chance to run or get evacuated, but tens of millions of anim…
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RT @Steve_Sailer: And it must have been discouraging for African Americans who wanted to own a small business in their own neighborho…
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RT @GoodOmensPrime: EXTRA! EXTRA! Trailer Tomorrow, Fans Run Frantic With Excitement.
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@CWilliamsNFL @SleezBallFF If they run an offense similar to the Ravens for LJax’s rookie year, maybe he pushes for…
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@Climatologist49 We should run the models in the am again to make sure
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@wilnerhotline I am still stunned at how far and how fast Oregon St fell after the Elite 8 run.
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RT @CREWcrew: Reminder that: 1. The Saudi Public Investment Fund (run by Crown Prince MBS) backs LIV. 2. LIV hosted several go…
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RT @NeozyBread: I don't usually post anything on twitter due to anxiety n such but I am gonna start by saying... Birds. That is a…
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@hulk7571 just now seein dis bro we gotta run toma
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RT @LiquidPiston: The $400B engine market has taken notice of the XTS-201 – a supercharged, liquid-cooled engine that delivers 5X gre…
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RT @is_markle: The day Diana was chased to her death, @thecarolemalone told her to “clam up” like Camilla. Now, she wants Harry to…
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RT @seokjinmylabsss: thinking about run bts center kim seokjin
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