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Came home to a clean room
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RT @kishanreddybjp: Working President of the World's largest political party BJP Shri @JPNadda ji stays in a small room at the Party Of…
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RT @incorrectjeon: jungkook: if someone points at your black clothes jungkook: and ask “whose funeral?” jungkook: look around the r…
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@hisheerbliss333 @riocaroma88 本当にその通りですよ😊 はぴさん💖ありがとうございます😊
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RT @nectarjimin: jikook au where jimin and jungkook always used to have little dinner dates in their rooms because jungkook never li…
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Trying to con my mother out of her thick warm blanket so I can take it in my room cuz it's freezing but the woman refuses to break.
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RT @destielmood: this makes me so uncomfortable... girls used to avoid me in the locker room freshman year after i came out. just bc…
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@GreyDeLisle Timmy Wanda cosmo and poof loves meeting you Sunday!! We all felt blessed to be even in the same room…
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I remember I was like 7 years old when my mom came in the living room to talk to me but I was watching this scene a…
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8-19-2019. Wanted to go with a zero reference drawing, attempted a Conan the Barbarian from memory. Room to improv…
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RT @seanhannity: KELLYANNE CONWAY: “Every Democrat should be asked if they support or disavow this...”
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@TaritaC @SultyDoggy @DebraMessing It’s an election! What should they do? Just meet in a smokey back room and pla…
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RT @mashallahbts: Jimin watching hoseok leave their shared room
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RT @sasponella: If u date me I’ll cut the fruit for u and put it in a bowl and bring it to ur room
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RT @kxjenamon: "When I was alone in the practice room, I used to practice with a song of an artist I like playing it loudly while…
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RT @NWAHutch: The injury bug has hit Arkansas' WR room. Here's the latest on Jordan Jones, Trey Knox + a few other guys who are b…
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RT @Orionarmstar: @ExpectoResister If Donald Trunp told me it was raining, I’d check to see if I was in a Russian hotel room.
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RT @icedbobatae: if i see bright blue haired taehyung singing crazy for myself in the corner of my room during sleep paralysis im bl…
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RT @DMenfess: Dor! Mutualan yuk, gua ada di like mirror selfie lagi di fitting room, M20
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