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RT @SaltAndReality: The myth that Ferdinand Marcos was already rich before he became president is FALSE. His SALN filed in 1962 when st…
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RT @SizweLo: This is how they did it: In the 1980s, the Soviet Union supported Cuba with cheap oil. Instead of transporting this…
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RT @SwainForSenate: There’s literally a small group of super rich people openly talking about their plans to change the whole world and…
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@MattWallace888 My life wouldn't change if I was rich,the only difference is I don't have to worry about money again
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hmmm interesting... this will either be a pro socialist film or will go in a "would you just think of the rich 😩 th…
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RT @MakeyWalter: @CarymaRules @fordnation The police are only here to protect the rich and powerful. The rest of us are fucked.
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RT @bloumkey: since we gonna get kibum airport fashion soon, imma bring back his iconic "just mu3dered my rich husband" look
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RT @TAXSTONE: The biggest trick rich white men do is make poor white people believe in them wholeheartedly
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@FelipeSalto @sefaz_sp @TCESP @dimasramalho Sou pai solteiro e sofri um acidente de moto,perdi tudo que eu tinha e…
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RT @theereallmiyahh: If a chicken wing too big I’m not eating it!!!
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As president I pledge to cut taxes for the rich and use the poor as a cheap source of teeth for Aquarium gravel
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RT @gentoftech: Being born rich is a curse disguised as a blessing I'd rather spend 5 years barely scraping by and having no savin…
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How Hormone Therapies Are Transforming Aging The physicians I know who are going down this…
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RT @luhblix: if i was as rich as iron man or batman id be spending it on hoes and yachts. not fighting no damn crime
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Democrats are so bad at this game…propose a bill to arm everyone…trust me the rich people will not like it. The NRA…
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RT @luhblix: if i was as rich as iron man or batman id be spending it on hoes and yachts. not fighting no damn crime
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RT @IAmRedbeard333: @POTATO_INMYASS Arm the teachers with the proper education and training imo... Gun free zones should be renamed "target rich environment".
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