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RT @HowToSeduce: If she wants space, Give it to her and don't return.
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RT @NME: GOT7 make long-awaited return with whimsical music video for ‘NANANA’ WATCH:
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RT @allkpop: #GOT7 makes their heartfelt return to Ahgase through cheerful '#NANANA' MV
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@rabuswan He'll return soon, my child. No worries.
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RT @FrankMtetezi: Wiper Party Held a voting at Stony Athi Resort in Machakos county to ask if Hon Kalonzo Musyoka should stay in Azi…
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RT @mikeirons12: Your favourite opera from each batch? (Personal faves & others) 🎶💙 💙 The Return of Ulysses Fidelio Das Rheingold D…
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RT @beyondwrestling: BREAKING: @WWRProWrestling returns to White Eagle in Worcester, MA on Sunday, 6/26 at 5pm for #AcesWild featuring t…
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RT @AdamantxYves: When you call things "cultural exchange," what exactly are you giving us in return?
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@Kukwithu And the whole phrase reads: " To God we belong and to Him we shall return."
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RT @KingOpeOfAbj: Please who is in Lagos and can help me steal my parents phone? All you have to do is remove my number from their Wh…
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Save the date! Free summer tours of the Saint Paul City Hall-Ramsey County Courthouse and @UnionDepot begin in Jun…
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RT @ITAXjournal: Recently published paper @ITAXjournal "How do taxpayers respond to tax subsidy for long-term savings? Evidence fr…
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RT @jilevin: With Russians gone, Kyiv's suburbs struggle to return to being 'a happy place' via latimes
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RT @lali_031827: LISA: my mom and my dad are getting old. whenever i have time, i want to return to Thailand. I dont want to waste m…
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Those who invested $1 USD six months ago in Solana cryptocurrency have $0.28 USD today (-72.3% return). But those w…
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RT @htlifeandstyle: #Paris is the second-most sought-after destination worldwide this year, behind #London. After the country dropped s…
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RT @BBU_BLACKPINK: “My mom and dad are getting old. Whenever I have time, I want to return to Thailand. I don't want to waste my time.…
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We differ from Private Equity firms. We focus on buying smaller profitable businesses. Other firms are forced to in…
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RT @_RareDefined: Love doesn’t: gaslight you. pull you down. drain the life out of you. leave you hanging. disregard your feelings.…
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@Return_Ao_ マツエクめちゃめちゃ時短になるから楽よ🤦‍♀️ 言うて私まつパだけどwww
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