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Replying to UF fans being morons isn’t “rent free” You just love doubling down on being a complete idiot 😂🤣
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Rent is easily (at its lowest) 1,700 for a decent studio/1br in NYC. There’s groceries, health insurance, transport…
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@myenimtown @rent_hero No, but I'm not the one boasting that I give more to charity than others.
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@Shimza01 When you have money and not knowing what to do with it you just rent a bicycle.. Levels 👏
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@rent_hero In the UK, Muslim men make up (per-capita) the largest group of child sexual abusers, than any other group. Fact.
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RT @LizWaynePhD: I definitely had times where I couldn't pay food or rent on time bc a stipend didnt come on time. I remember being…
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RT @Ilhan: Rents have spiked 61 percent since 1960. Median earnings have gone up just *5 percent.* While big banks & develope…
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@stjartan @HStrander @Emser76 Om du tittar på förhållandet kvinnor/män i ditt parti så klarnar det nog. Och rent al…
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When I paid less rent for a apartment and had roommates we had nice and tiny roaches I had dumsters right next door…
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Lost my job a couple of months ago was low on money & didn’t really have that much money for the rent. got a call t…
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@helloavail : Charming, Sunny, Studio Condo for Rent. Pets Allowed! #forrent #condo…
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det er en vild forskel der er på Mette F og @larsloekke Mette vil kun snakke i bullit-points og overskrifter mens…
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RT @mattiastesfaye: Selvfølgelig er det en ung fra Vestegnen, der rejser solidariteten med vores ældre medborgere! Og selvfølgelig er d…
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it not even the rent that kills me it da deposit HahHhdhdhs
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RT @DaddyJew: Interviewer: why should we hire you? Me: so I can pay my rent
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@ChrisMurphyCT @Steph56Renee Iranians are lovely people imprisoned by a ruthless regime. Before a war starts rent a…
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RT @paulg: The next time someone claims that starting startups is for rich kids, remind them that Airbnb happened because its…
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RT @JeanneBondsNC: Very good summary of all the factors affecting #affordablehousing: demographics, zoning, tax cuts. More.
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WOW! JUST LISTED! UPSCALE AND AFFORDABLE! JUAN: 7867094972 @floridahousevip #upscale #condo for #rent in #brickell…
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@chxcolatehouse sixteen? oh, yes, she's gonna rent a fucking hotel room every time she's needy.
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