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"The heat haze was sneering at me, reminding me that it wasn't a joke. ." - Kagerou Days [ Hatsune Miku ]
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@crusdoodles This is a thing. I forgot about this thing. Going to Florida in October. Thanks for reminding me.
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Biden Doubles Down After Reminding Everyone Democrats Owned Slaves | Zero Hedge
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my phone keeps reminding me of my babe
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RT @AdamParkhomenko: Meet the Press used to be Tim Russert reminding politicians who they work for. Now it’s politicians getting their a…
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When you have to listen to the Adult You reminding you of the bill due in 2 weeks instead of getting a game 😔
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Chicago weather reminding me of Ray Bradbury's crushing short-story "All Summer In a Day," where unrelenting rain g…
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RT @Tomodvchi: @vuhsace ty for reminding me abt this vid
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RT @MikeEngleman56: Good morning America!🇺🇸 Reminding you: John Kerry still has his security clearance, has committed Logan Act violat…
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@OsamuDazaiDesu oh, yea!! i forgot i wanted to watch that!!! thanks for reminding me (✿ŐᵌŐ✿)
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RT @BitCAFE20180101: BITCOIN Is Renaissance 2.0 reminding us that nothing is more valuable than human being.
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I’m watching What A Girl Wants and it’s reminding me of the simpler days when I use to listen to movie soundtracks…
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@Marglih it’s still 6.20 AM and you reminding me about that wattpad, thankyou master.
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shoutout to my gf who doesn't let me pretend I have no shit to do and keeps reminding me of my responsibilities
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@Acosta Oh, man....thank you for reminding me that this was out. Just clicked and bought "Enemy of the People" by J…
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RT @hannahmcmanus_: Reminding myself to trust in the greater plan... everything happens for a reason.
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@b_ung_il oh my god........ thanks for reminding me of ishimondo...... that shit hurted
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Thankful Thursday’s❤️ thankful that you’re always reminding me of my beauty, that you pray with me, that you inspir…
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RT @Jmood17: @MelodyThomasSco @sharonlcase You go.. Melody. Reminding us of the good ole days.. And thank you for having fun with us on Twitter. 👏👏👏❤
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@CanadianPM Thank you very much for reminding US citizens what it is like to have an intelligent, well spoken indiv…
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