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@mrmorayewest31 @RickyKlehr Si la religión no es un requisito mucho menos hablarles de sexo o peor aún sexo anormal.
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RT @payawqa: @oOoConservas religión es religión
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@NinaSinger_NANI @Alilapointe63 aujourd'hui c'est crime contre l'humanité qui agressent les palestinien et la pales…
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@SupJaniceHahn @LindseyPHorvath Honoring hate groups that mock religion is shameful and truly does not represent th…
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@RickyKlehr Jajaja estás bien pendejo. Si mis padres me pusieron una camisa de algún otro Dios, ¿ya están inculcándome esa religión?
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@haychlc @Art10Khi @HaboMulaney @starfairg7273 Is that why your whole "country" is in shambles? Despite having one…
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Any religion that denies the God-man is a form of atheism. This is the Apostolic and Patristic Teaching
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RT @wesyang: Although it is obvious in retrospect, it never occurred to me prior to it happening that minority sexual identities…
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@balasuppu @anbu New establishment may be wrong why one old system is being removed. That will definitely hurt the…
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RT @fwakie: Oromummaa’s Religion Cleansing and Cultural Evilgelization Project via @addisinsight
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The limitations shift the pain comes, I OUNASS_NOON_PROMO_NON_TOYOU_TO_Fordeal_HM_and_Body_H&M YOU_H_AND_M_OUNAS_CO…
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"I gotta put dollars on pages No religion in the trap, it's creed three, feel like I'm Jonathan Majors Before I got…
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Now University professors are claiming Christians are oppressors so equal rights for everybody every person regardl…
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"my girlfriend talks about god all the time but i am not a believer. what do i do?" - Let her know that you're not…
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RT @godwept: in the crooks of your body, i find my religion.
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@Therealtesp @POTUS *Christian nationalists pushing religion isn’t
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RT @MsMegara: @missemilyliz I watched it yesterday. So similar to fundamentalist Mormons, to orthodox Jewish communities, to ever…
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RT @davidcd0418: How Biden has navigated LGBTQ issues as a Catholic? The answer to this is very simple and this article doesn’t addr…
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@NateForUtah Are you agreeing with him that the LDS religion was filled with "genocidal fundamentalists"?
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@HadrianHaman @elerrantenomad You mught not like the term “hindu atheists”, but why does that trigger u? Some ppl c…
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