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RT @CAoutcast: @RoofLamp @AOC Just wait until the Dimwits pull the reins in on her... IT'S COMING.....LOL
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RT @JDuro: Love this sweet postgame moment last night by @2121Mikiah. Best part of this season is watching her grab the reins…
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@SkyNewsAust @nyunggai @billshortenmp How sad that idiot Morrison has to hand over the reins to alt right extremist Mundine!
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Early ⏰ ,defrost -7, to catch 🛬 from Dundee for today’s @RTPIPlanners General Assembly with new president @ianet55
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@Barnes_Law She had to of had her twitter hacked , this is just to unbelievable from a sitting congresswoman. I am…
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RT @beinsports_FR: 😱 Quand Ousmane Dembélé brise les reins de Mikel Vesga !
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@siasatpk With ppl like raja basharat, ch parvez elahi, mehmood rasheed, aleem kh etc; u can't put things right eve…
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Who remembers this excellent horsemanship displayed by @CCasertaJockey last year. To hang on to the reins, what an…
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@EquestriPolls draw reins is what stands out the most in my admittedly terrible memory. then picking hooves, then water lmfao
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Terry Jones: Time for Oilers to hand the reins over to head coach Hitchcock #Oilers #NHL
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@Brasilmagic Grab the Reins folks!!!! It’s just a matter of time.....!!!
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RT @13fl0orelevat0r: When I first read the Dymaxion WP, I never thought I would be on the core Dev team for $BURST, at the reins. Gettin…
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@EquestriPolls draw reins, twh's, girl faking cancer, girl pretending to be a dude, and some wackos set their train…
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Psalms 7:9 Oh let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end; but establish the just: for the righteous God trieth the hearts and reins.
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RT @KevinTheDM: It's #DMtips! Don't feel like you always need to be prepared for every contingency. Sometimes the best plots occur…
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Ryan Green takes reins of Modesto Christian program. Will his QB son play right away?
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RT @GlobalLeth: ‘The future is now’: Lethbridge Hurricanes hand the reins to 2 rookie goaltenders.
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