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@YvesOllivier2 @Elshqip @jchribuisson Attention on recherche justement des reins...les tiens feraient parfaitement l’affaire
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@gulf_news @bainjal She will have to expand on @priyankagandhi and after her flop show hope got Rehan to take over…
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RT @BakhawCDG: Sti c’est vrmt trop bien, 0 stress on s’en bats tous les reins...yen a aucun qu’a réviser dans la classe mais on va tous avoir le bac qd mm
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@Kiinako_O @Cacedoupams0 @HevenSlide Idk mais ça m'pete les reins
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@mariinamalo @Forch_une @penny2456 @viradonadesgra @brfootball What did Madrid win before Zidane? Bare in mind that…
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RT @MsDScott11: ✨Q U A L I F I E D ✨for the Round of 16 with the squad! SO Proud of the team performance we put in yesterday! Off t…
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@kdlang I have been in love with you since the first time I saw Pullin' Back the Reins, and Trail Of Broken Hearts.…
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@JoeBiden @BarackObama in 8 yrs u guys accomplished ZERO- why in the world would the american people give u the rei…
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@WAITWENDY Caillots dans les reins mais bref c horrible.
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@RoryStewartUK @bobservant Indeed. It is time to put down the spatula and take up the reins of government. And, onc…
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Since this Ponce took the reins of AFl The peoples game has gone backwards Gone are the days that made the game fam…
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@chrissieA2 @parentchain @MrHarryCole Watch her. She still holds the reins of power and has her civil servants with her.
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We need to give him the full reins if we expect him to resolve the problems of the world. Their is no other way. Full control.
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@FadeproofJSuede @RealisticPoetry I am sure you will do the best you can. It might get a bit bumpy for the generati…
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So....what's your unicorn name? 🦄 Mine is Merry Candy Reins 🦄
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Wsh???? C'est grave ca ??? + les migraines et le mal de reins???? Purée de pomme de terre/20 c'est trop ca
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RT @GulfstreamPark: Cyrus the Great romps in race 8, @JockeyRios at the reins, @ELozaRacing is the winner trainer. #GulfstreamPark…
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RT @maanope: Le problème d’avoir une relation trop fusionnelle avec sa mère c’est qu’à la moindre séparation on dirait qu’on t’a…
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Examen des reins demain 🤷‍♂️
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After Caroline Mulroney took the reins as Ontario's attorney general, she spoke to a judge about the often stymied…
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