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RT @RationalMale: Virginity has an objective definition. The state of never having had sex. That state in women is important to men w…
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RT @NTenzer: When my mother entered the Resistance against Nazis in 1940 -she was 20-, she had the absolute conviction she was f…
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@trsharish @trsharish Just once go to Toilets in any ward or any floor u we'll see reality of development
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RT @Mr_Dewan_BD: What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality. -Plutarch #Boys_Gang𓃵 @munawar0018 🇸 🇮 🇩 ⒷⒹ MUNAWAR ERA BEGINS
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RT @Sassy_Hindu: As the anti-conversion law became a reality in Karnataka, police arrested a pastor & his wife for converting over 1…
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@anhysby Alternative Reality 02 0.11 $ETH FND
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RT @ArgyleBecky: SNP destructive reality. ⛴ Ferries: documents show that the £250m ferries may never sail. 🚂 Trains: nearly 700 s…
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Marsau deserves an award for being the first reality show pimp. He is not green-lightning Tisha he is mackin’ at it…
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@PFF If you choose the two Dolphins CB's then I really don't know what to say. I'm a 49ers fan but in reality the D…
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RT @TheManzs007: If you have a dream, don't just sit there. Gather courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturn…
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RT @iiesbubb: i try to create my little alternative reality w my kaebedo drawings i hope u can spot it fUeueee
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RT @ASAPfugo: “fiction doesn’t effect reality” people think that cats can drink milk
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RT @OpIndia_com: As anti-conversion ordinance becomes reality in Karnataka, police arrest Kerala’s Christian pastor couple for force…
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It's because hereon out is my reality. Surely, Nene-chan, your destination is different than mine
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RT @ASAPfugo: “fiction doesn’t effect reality” people think that cats can drink milk
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RT @AngelaRayner: Nadine Dorries is Boris Johnson’s Minister for Disinformation. She was supposed to be cracking down on it, not s…
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歌練 ひたすら同じ曲歌う 白金 皐 -シロカネ サツキ- 配信中!! #REALITY
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RT @SanJeeOne: @UdayMahurkar @RaoKumbh @republic To call this act flawed is to be modest. In reality, the PWA is the ugliest struc…
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After having the worst week in work, I've spent the weekend working on Fallen Island. Escape from reality, check. T…
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RT @MrMatthewTodd: Politicians and the media who have played down, denied and buried the reality of climate change, for fear the super…
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