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the ground to feed the nbg or stuff like that, you're lowkey calling bts dumb. especially after they revealed that…
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RT @wronguacademy: séance’s clone, pointing at the real klaus: shoot him! he’s the clone! spaceboy, aiming at clone séance: the REAL…
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They say if a woman first child was a girl, most likely the mother needed some maturity.. ❤️ If she had a boy she n…
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@MONTANAof300 Drop dat envy me remix it’s better than the real one ong
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Real que quando eu tava eu só queria acabar p me livrar logo, mas q saudade do colégio, só queria que desse p voltar uns aninhos aí
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@nastyinmuhtaxi The far greater part of the degradation and shabbiness of modern life comes from the weakening of c…
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@vikesmn24 And I don't play the "real fan" card. Simply root for the team who your favorite QB plays for. Pretty simple.
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RT @LungAssociation: We applaud @FDATobacco for expanding its “The Real Cost” media campaign to address the risks from youth use of…
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I'm crying out for help nobody can hear me I stopped looking in the mirror All I ever see is fear Dad its gettin…
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RT @Queenbri__03: It probably ain’t real
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RT @SLIKNIKTHERULER: You ain’t a real freak unless you give his whole family head. Dead grandparents too.
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Depends on if it’s The real report or a Barr (Trump) rewrite!
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RT @byunonew: todas as coisas que o exo conquistou até hoje foi tudo graças a eles e ao fandom, pq a sm na real CAGA pra eles. eu…
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Have you ever considered a career in Real Estate. Join this amazing community of professionals who help people ever…
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RT @IMAX: Happy #LoveYourPet Day! Celebrate with us, narrator @ChrisEvans and the amazing Henry from @SuperpowerDogs. Get rea…
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Special shutters deals for real estate professionals and their clients call 214-636-9398 -
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@real__502 四天宝寺ー!
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you can really feel when it’s time to grow, everything you used to start feeling weird now.
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@DineshDSouza @IngrahamAngle But the media, everybody believed Tawana was for real, a good man life was ruined( lik…
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RT @ODHerrera14: taking a nap together fr is a beautiful thing. knock out with me so i know it’s real
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