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RT @CapehartJ: I’m ready for “Speaker Pelosi” and you best get ready, too.
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Is way—𝒘𝒂𝒚 ready ⠀⠀⠀⠀to embrace his feminine side because dude angel has insulted him.
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RT @laughkpop: they was ready to go but taehyung did not want to leave, he wanted to keep playing with the confetti and Jimin just…
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RT @sawxcy: I hope my ex is happy & healthy. I Hope old friends that I outgrow are doing good. I hope everyone who has done me…
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RT @bigdoglog_: soooooooooo ready for this break
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RT @ExoHolicHazel: EXO-Ls are Thankful Because EXO exists EXO is thankful because EXO-Ls existsㅠㅠ Name a more Lovely relationship😭 Ca…
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RT @FLOTUS: The People’s House @WhiteHouse is ready to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season!
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Our classroom bakery is open and ready for business! The fresh, hot cookies are going fast! #PretendAndPlay #Bakery…
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@BravoHWFanClub Good. Getting ready to clean the house & do laundry ... what are you into today?
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RT @flirtaeguk: Taehyung really had his arms open and ready to engulf jihoon in a hug when he's walking towards him while jihoon co…
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RT @BBCR1: 🎄 BIG FESTIVE NEWS 🎄 We've invited some of your favourite stars to take over Radio 1 on Christmas Day! Get ready t…
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Duluth is ready to help nurture young musicians. The Duluth Public Art Commission has proposed installing an intera…
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Ready to launch your career in #nursing? Find out how you can earn your #BSN in as little as 15 months with Mount U…
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RT @CapehartJ: I’m ready for “Speaker Pelosi” and you best get ready, too.
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RT @itshannahvee: when I pregame before getting ready
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Ready to graduate
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@_abcDEEs ayoooo you stay ready 😂😂😂 this is a group of guys who make some bomb ass songs
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Mi horóscopo decía que ahora si voy a encontrar el amor y solo quiero decir que I’m ready for you babe, no sé quién…
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RT @Slasher: $1 Million competitive Fortnite presented by Epic Games. Esports ready. #WinterRoyale
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