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RT @JoaquinCastrotx: Yesterday, I asked the FBI to produce a full, transparent, and public report on the shooting, the timeline, and the…
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RT @BluePhoenix167: My Washington Post subscription allows me to share access to great journalism. Check out this gift article, at no c…
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@codenameranger I'm certainly no expert, but I've been trying to read up on what police policies are, and what you'…
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RT @rob__mccallum: Ted McKeever is one of my all time favourite storytellers. I just read that Plastic Forks is 25 years old.
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RT @Tether_to: Tether Token (USD₮) Launches on Polygon Read the Press Release ⬇️
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RT @Hyundai_Global: “I want to share beautiful nature with the next generation. That’s my Goal of the Century.” RM opens up about his t…
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@BellaRoscetti My BIL was sat next to somebody doing this on the bus and read his book out loud until they stopped.
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RT @harshasherni: This young man from ISKCON is distributing Srimad Bhagwat Gita for free but hardly few are interested😓. This is the…
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RT @ChildrenInRead: Please Retweet A message from the wonderful Carol Drinkwater @Carol4OliveFarm for Children in Read in support of…
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RT @Newsweek: Uvalde officials, during a press conference on Friday morning, denied the claim that police officers entered Robb E…
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RT @INFJLOVE: ‘Amber alerts’ sound off inside the courtroom as damaging evidence against Depp in closing arguments are read aloud.?! How ironic.?!
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RT @DurkanHannah: 🤩HALF TERM BOOK GIVEAWAY🤩 I’ve got two signed copies of #zeinastarbornandtheskywhale to give away to two lucky win…
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RT @UnrollHelper: @debilu2 Saluti, you can read it here: Have a good day. 🤖
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This thought comes to mind especially when I see, read or hear passionate homophobic rhetoric and opinions.
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RT @DiegoBernalTX: So you know who we’re dealing with: After the El Paso shooting the Texas Legislature reconvened and made it *easi…
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RT @iam_inonda: Woman, your price determines the kind of man that you attract. Men see and read that price. They marry VALUE.…
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RT @CroskullNFT: Know your EVO! 😈 We have created a summary infographic to let you understand how to read EVO cards. 📜 Do you stil…
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RT @letsgomathias: Read this a couple times to makes sure that yes, the retired agent was, you know, retired. Not working undercover.…
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Has anyone here read #TheRedBook by #CGJung? Religion and psychology. Good mix. Check it out.
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