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RT @sidprobstein: Great detailed read. How to nail the innovation? Engage all stakeholders in the #collaboration process
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RT @_ashleygiles_: I just watched a TED talk & a woman told this man, “I made a vow. & the vow was, I will never say anything that cou…
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RT @koeforoi: this must be the funniest death stranding related thing ive read so far
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BREAKING: Henry Sy Sr passed away peacefully in his sleep early Saturday morning. Read more:…
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RT @lisagillis_: RT @wbellauthor  #Aussie leads #ARVN rangers to rescue besieged #Seabees in the Vietnam War! Read ASPHALT & BLOOD:…
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RT @sharingan_kween: Read carefully, Kissables. #KISSEScelebratesinCEBU @KissesDelavin
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RT @KarJonTarlac: Please Read the Rules and Regulations of Our Fandom -------------- Other Information!! Only Official Fan Page -…
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RT @DianneRossi4: Grandparents Read To Me day at Bryant! So nice to meet these special people! @HCPSArea2 @MaryBryantElem
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RT @CharlieDaniels: "Socialism is the equivalent of giving away fish instead of fishhooks, rewarding ambition and sloth equally, taking…
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RT @julieingersoll: If you want background for the hashtag #ExposeChristianSchools read this thread. These schools, and Christian home…
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I read faster than 71% of the Great British Public. Find out how fast you read and how long it would take you to ge…
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@KatyTurNBC "specific statement" and "not accurate " says a lot. People need to read this very short statement more accurately please.....
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RT @ShutUpAndrosky: this is a must read illustrating just how fucking absurd @AustinLASchools and LAUSD’s negotiating position is. they…
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RT @oikvw: writers! i'm seeing patreon/ko-fi links pop up again on fics i've read, so i think it's time to bring up this PSA a…
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@lesleyabravanel @RyanAFournier @realDonaldTrump He’s said the entire BuzzFeed article is untrue. Did you read the statement?
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RT @Daniel_byfar: WannaOneオンソンウ ジーンズブランドBANG BANGモデル決定おめでとう🎊 #WannaOne #워너원 #ワナワン #カンダニエル #강다니엘 #KangDaniel…
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RT @kompascom: Padahal, tol ini baru diresmikan Presiden Joko Widodo pada 20 Desember lalu.
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