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One of the best people to ever play in a @Raptors jersey. Hate to see you go @DGreen_14. Much success is waiting fo…
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RT @Ballislife: Kobe scored 60+ against 6 different teams! Raptors: 81 Blazers: 65 Mavs: 62 (3 quarters) Knicks: 61 Grizzlies: 60…
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RT @jeskeets: Best license plate ever. #WeTheNorth @Raptors
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@OnlyAnitaL Yo raptors tho 😍😍
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Coupe du monde FIBA : l'occasion pour Chris Boucher de se rapprocher de Nick Nurse (Raptors)
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Level 9, full eco for raptors.
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@vkillem Lou Williams when he was on the Rockets and on the Raptors did nothing of significance. Where he was not t…
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Raptors Fans: Who do you prefer, Siakam or Paul George? #WeTheNorth
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Queria dar dinheiro pra Feijó pra quando ele for pra Toronto trazer uma regata do Raptors pra mim, mas é caro dms
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@CJPomfret @matthew25496877 @Bolt_RSS Please show me just one example of cats killing raptors.
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RT @kimitalvitie: So... I cant wrap my head around how @elonmusk / @SpaceX is planning on fitting 35x Ø1,3m Raptors in a Ø9,0m engin…
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RT @RaptorsNationCP: With Kawhi Leonard leaving the Raptors, one Toronto strip club has stripped their free lap dance offer off the tabl…
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@kirkmckee13 @Spencer_Wixom Kyle Lowry Paul Millsap Gordon Hayward Mike Conley DeMar DeRozan CJ McCollum Andre Drum…
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@NelsonMillar13 @dallasmavs If you are seriously gonna make me say why predicting the Raptors in the finals last se…
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RT @theScore: Did Kawhi 'play' the Lakers and Raptors? Stephen A. Smith has some insight on Uncle Dennis and Kawhi's alleged dem…
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@Jay_Edward His length alone will give ppl trouble on D, but when Raptors put clamp on him, even his money midrange wasn’t working.
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Look who I ran into at Jurassic World! brookelusk my former junior reporter for our REELZ CHANNEL show!!! She’s cru…
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RT @TodaysBaldEagle: (Photo courtesy of Michael Nagrocki) #baldeagle #birdsofprey #raptors
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What's worse than those hating on Toronto and their sports teams? Toronto leaf fans hating on the raptors loll WH…
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@CJPomfret @matthew25496877 @Bolt_RSS Catastophic- raptors by the thousands sliced to pieces by wind turbines. Very environmental.
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