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8 meninos bonitos 2 rappers 1 dançarino Kkkkkkk
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RT @bynhyuk: remember the influx of idol rappers suddenly auditioning for smtm4 and the following seasons bc of double b lmao that was comedic
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Alot of producers and rappers are all about SELF , Then wonder why your blessings aren't coming . Help people and…
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Cardi b responds to Jermaine Dupri saying female rappers today all rap about the same thing Lovelyti
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RT @BlackMajiik: They’re also threatened by the shift of power. Because if it’s femme rappers talking about their own bodies, celebr…
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RT @KevinMKruse: “The hippity hop rappers say that word all the time and I don’t see Democrats calling on *them* to resign the presidency!”
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We’re not against rap, we’re not against rappers but we are against those t h u g s z
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RT @complex_uk: Premiere: London rappers @KingArthurOVA and @BlazeYunglord go retro in "Bossed Up" visuals
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RT @TopHipHopPolls: Eminem dropped a whole diss song on national tv and Trump never replied but he was being petty about a young rapper…
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RT Jayblac1615: RT RealShotgunSuge: This Is A Allstar Event It Require A Million Views Or Touched One Of Those Stag…
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RT @marinatheicon: nobody: good rappers:
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Logic x Eminem ft. Joyner lucas type beat YOUTUBE LINK: #rap #rapbeats #rapmusic…
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RT @proddontsleep: a rapper can say a lot of meaningful shit in their songs but still not have a good flow, interesting delivery, the…
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#bigpunisher one of my fav rappers! 🇵🇷💪🏽 #boricua🇵🇷 #newyorican #hiphop @ West Bronx, Bronx, New York
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RT @iam_alexix: Couldn't sleep so I decided to spit some bars💥 Please don't forget to tag your favorite artistes and retweet if you…
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@pleaselikebryce No not validation just need people to know rappers be copying each other
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RT @BlackMajiik: You know what the wildest thing about hating stripper-rappers is? How many artists NEED the strip club & dancers fo…
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RT @taehlii: "jeon soyeon is one of the best rappers in kpop. watch unpretty rapstar. SHE WILL LITERALLY EAT YOUR FAVES ALIVE. P…
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RT @TheEpicLLOYD: I put this out. It's called "A Bad Name for Rappers" and its a collection of some of my favorites. Remixed and rere…
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RT @Ade_AAA: Playlist Opportunity: All singers, producers, rappers or DJs from 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 that DON’T already/currently have an…
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