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RT @sanjay_music: Imagine dismissing Halle Bailey’s entire performance just because Awkwafina is in the movie for 5 seconds, but not…
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@HPP7Strat2 Also a massive racist
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@bonchieredstate She is the most racist person on tv. She hates anyone different from her in color, religion, or economic status.
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@nancyvictoria @TrueNorthCentre All these years without a menstruation bracelet, just shows how racist and bigoted my upbringing was.
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RT @Eyeamfierce: @RonFilipkowski He’s signaling to his hateful base - checking off their bucket list of racist dreams
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RT @TheTennisLetter: Sloane Stephens is experiencing racism so much that FBI has gotten involved: “When there are FBI investigations go…
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RT @tomselliott: Another victory for America’s ISIS contingency: A monument at Arlington National Cemetary, meant to inspire reconci…
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RT @H_to_Harley9000: TW : Racist , Bully นักแสดง halle bailey จากภาพยนต์ the little mermaid โดนคนไทยเหยียดสีผิวและบูลลี่รูปลักษณ์หน้าตา…
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RT @raineyrainbows2: defending your “racist phase” just means you’re still racist.
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@AubertHeidi1 @GloboHomoVirus @410forward These are bad takes but not racist
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@Navarp @BermudaBil6621 How does one recognize racism? If racial prejudice, hatred, and discrimination aren't racist.
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@poppwigglewigg1 You realize to be woke is to be racist because you rank everyone’s social status by their skin col…
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@riseofkingdoms Rok is one of the most toxic games on the internet, and essentially a "dirty trick" played on peopl…
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@calrepliberty @J_L_Fairchild @GavinNewsom Tell me how preventing Domestic Abusers from owning an AR-15 is racist..…
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RT @CurlKween: Being racist/ anti-black UNPROVOKED is crazy
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RT @varcmus: like ohhh a scrawny, ugly white man is a racist edgelord and thinks everybody is too woke and cares too much about…
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RT @YousefMunayyer: The idea that Muslims are irrationally and uncontrollably possessed by hatred of Jews is an racist and Islamophobic…
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@NJBeisner Here’s a thought: stop calling people racist just because they exist, i.e. born with a certain skin color.
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Armies of Black folks were singing about Bruno with the couple on the left and thirsting over the Mayan princess on…
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