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RT @hannibulk: I just know white women in the quotes are having a hard time resisting the urge to call him the n word
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Another Sunday to view status full of Bible verses, gospel songs and quotes posted by people with wicked souls.
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RT @MindAmplifier: 10 Honest Quotes On Self Care 1.
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@elitebrandcons @Awesome_Art As with everything, certain restrictions apply. All quotes have implied instructions i…
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RT @patient1013: blinks in the quotes are giving
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Nero: Right? I heard that he wasn’t strong from birth like Oz was. He probably got stronger as he kept getting crus…
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quotes tentang jangan lupa bahagia
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@BonifaceOption I lost so many friends from my Bible class at Liberty over this. Didn’t matter what logic or reason…
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“I think music in itself is healing.”
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@Harry_Styles Louis Tomlinson fans camping in the quotes and on harrys d complaining about someone with big platfor…
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You can find yourself in a situation where another radically different approach is required in order to feel any im…
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So to God who made this man, you better have one hell of a plan
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@ChuPepi @trussliz @G7 western media and selective quotes…grow up! thats how propaganda works
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quotes are mad but what kind of activism is “fucking dystopia”?
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RT @humb1ed_: Folks in the quotes like “so? I’ll do it. Gas high as hell” “okay, and?” and I want y’all to stay the fuck away fro…
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Tarot Tidbits a series of good quotes of wisdom that come from readings that can apply to anybody. ex: shit don't stay rocky forever
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Margaret Sanger's Quotes. Abortion & Race Purity. Planned Parenthood. via @imgflip #Biden…
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Clear of everything else in the quotes Imho
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@taysplay I saw the previous tweet and thought you were actually part of the army sjdjdjdff like I had to open the…
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RT @andreaanderegg: Art Sale SHOP HERE: #4thofjulysale #4thofjuly #summer #artsale #sale #fineart #homedecor…
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