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RT @TwitchyTeam: Now she cares? Trump's decision to ground Pelosi has Andrea Mitchell 'just asking' this question
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RT @policyjunkie: Question for Sarah Sanders: if Pelosi does fly commercial, didn’t Trump just jeopardize the security of her trip, w…
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RT @TommySobiesski: find someone who doesn't make u question yourself at night. someone who reminds u how much they care about u every…
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RT @HMRCVictim: @HMRCgovuk Turns out that anyone can knock up a “fact sheet”. The question is though - whose one contains real fac…
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If anything can aide TheresaMay’s chance of getting her #Brexit deal through it’s @UKLabour letting DianeAbbott loo…
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occupied_stall Is this a question?
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@guy_JustaGuy It really doesn't say that. As to the question of a cause, if there was one, the only honest answer i…
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@amazingfx__ @Darhnierl Now that's just a stupid question.
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RT @RichardReichle: Critical Thinking...Question Everything...especially the Govt narrative
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RT @NatlSecCnslrs: OK, I have a legit question here. Forget about WHY Trump cancelled the CoDel. What legal authority did he have to d…
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Welp. That question prematurely answered itself.
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@NBA2K One question, can yall stop releasing 2ks if they gonna stay broken? Thanks
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yes no.. maybeee i don’t knowwww can u repeat the question?? UR NOT THE BOSS OF ME NOW UR NOT THE BOSS OF ME NOW
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RT @Julie_C_Smith: "Btwn 2016 and 2018, the percentage of Republicans who told YouGov that they wanted to withdraw from NATO jumped fr…
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RT @thewayintnl: A good question to ask ourselves frequently is, “What is God’s will for me here?” #BeStrongInTheLord
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RT @MAGAMaggieMay: @chicksonright @Vhalen67 Honest question, has she EVER gone to visit troops before? This smells like a cover story.
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RT @JuliaEAinsley: DHS is saying this is evidence that separation happened long before zero tolerance. But zero tolerance included par…
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RT @secretassessor1: My new blog, through which I intend to disclose everything I know, and can prove about @atos procedure, and treatme…
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Ok j'ai une question : pk tu fais la meuf violente alors qu'en vrai je te vois tu fais la meuf gentille soumise — g…
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